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Freebinar: Introduction to Night Photography via

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It’s really informal, drop in, hang out, leave when you wish. You won’t have to say a word or hardly lift a finger. We’ll give you a 10,000 foot view of Night Photography ideas and principles and attack a handful of your questions.

What You'll Learn

* Typical settings for night photos
* The many different types of Night Photography
* What equipment you may need, and what you don't need
* Inspiration and ideas
* How webinars can work as a learning vehicle for you.
* What services StarCircleAcademy Offers
* How to overcome some common problems
* Links to great resources

It is interactive. Pre-ask questions, get answers! NOTE: This is a LIVE event, while we will record it only those who purchase the notes will have access to a recorded webinar.

Duration: 60 minutes