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This is not a traditional "event". This is a calendar reminder. However if you have an idea where a good place to assemble is, feel free to post below. I'm toying with driving to Yosemite for the event, myself. ( (click for larger image (

The Leonids are likely to be a whimper... but the Geminids are coming. Besides the Leonids fall on the weekend, the Geminids ( are during the week in December.

Meteors will appear to stream out of the constellation Leo which rises at 1:00 AM. The best time to see meteors is from 11:59 PM FRIDAY until sunrise on Saturday.

If you'd like to try to take photos of the meteor shower, please see here for tips:

Photographing Meteors ( Is it really a Meteor? ( One Man's Hunt for Meteors ( By the way the TAURID meteor shower peaks this evening November 12th. Usually not many meteors, but they are often fireballs!

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