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    In need of photography nightlife guidance. Thrilled to find this group.
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    I'm a non-person. The absence of a person if you will. If you see me as a "Host" it means there is no host. If you're curious about the photo... well you haven't seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
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    Passionate Night and Astro photographer.
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    hi been photographing for over 50 years used to joke about shooting a black cat in a coal bin lit by a new moon.(60's) love to shoot pictures at night but am not up to heavy vertical altatude changes
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    Photography is one of my favorite hobbies.Night photography especially needs a lot of skill. I am here to organize interesting photography meetups, share what i know, learn from others & enjoy photography.
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    I really like night photography. I like the ideas you have for location shoots as well.
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    I'm an avid night photographer... though sometimes a sleepy one. ;-)
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    I am interested in taking pictures at night time. I wish we all can learn some skills from each others, make a friend or two. Relax and have fun.