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Free NightScape Photo Walks in YOUR area

NightScape Photography
NightScape Photography
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Needs a date and time

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I'm planning to conduct free NightScape photo walks around the world. The locations will be conveniently close to a major city, yet far enough away to provide reasonably good photography of the starry night sky. For more information go to this blog post (

This photo was taken 2 years ago at our NightScape Photo Walk around Silver Lake (near Brighton, UT). Nearly 100 photographers attending this free event.

I invite all our group photographers to suggest future photo walk venues by tagging your favorite astro-landscapes (on Instagram, Facebook or Google+) with the hashtag: #NightScapeWalk (capitalization is not required). Please include the location of your NightScape and any other interesting background information in your photo description. To qualify, locations should be within 50 miles (80 km) or 90 minutes drive time from a major city or metropolitan area (over 100,000 population).

Showcasing You: From time-to-time, I will feature some of the best images on my Instagram profile and Facebook Fan page, complete with credits and links to the photographer. Some of these suggested locations may become venues for future NightScape Photo Walks that I will organize and provide free to the public.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Royce Bair, Organizer

IG: @RoyceBairPhoto ( )