Celestial Alignment Photography with Royce Bair and PhotoPills


Price: $89.00 /per person


CANCELLED • Due to a personal scheduling conflict, I have cancelled this event. All fees have been refunded. However, I have persuaded my friends at Photog Adventures (http://photogadventures.com/) to conduct a similar workshop on September 22nd and 23rd (https://photopills.photogadventures.com/photopillsworkshop). I think you will be impressed with the scope and value of this event!

Get ready to learn how to plan, shoot and edit any photo you imagine with the Milky Way, Moon and the Sun.

Royce Bair (http://intothenightphoto.blogspot.com/) will give you all you need to nail your shots, from equipment to camera settings and editing; and Rafael (http://www.photopills.com/team) (The Bard) from the PhotoPills team will teach you how to use PhotoPills (http://www.photopills.com/) app to plan your photo ideas. That way, you're always at the right place, at the right time, to capture the scene you want, and tell the story you want. Workshop is limited to 75 (classroom style - table & chairs).


9:30 - 10:00am Meet up & introductions
10:00 - 11:00am Milky Way and Star Planning
11:00 - 12:30am Milky Way photography and post processing

Break for Lunch

1:30 - 2:30pm More post processing
2:30 - 4:00pm Moon and Sun Planning
4:00 - 5:00pm Examples and Q&A

Break for Dinner

After the theory class, we'll go to practice in the field.

Midnight: Night-Escape field trip in the Utah West Desert (https://www.meetup.com/NightScape-Photography/events/241203800/).

Meals not included and own transport will be required to travel to the location for the astrophotography session at night.