The Bengie's Drive-In

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This will be another standalone event.

For those of you that have never been to a drive-in or a triple feature, this is for you! Regardless of what they will be showing, if the weather is good, we will be taking a trip to the Bengie's Drive-In theater. Be sure to bring $10 in cash to get in (and whatever extra cash/credit you want for food).

They take credit at the concessions stand, but not at the box office. If you have a beach/lawn chair, bring it. If you have a blanket or throw, bring it. If you have citronella spray/candles, bring it. Depending on the spot we get, sitting/laying outside under the stars is an option...and it's awesome. We will be meeting at my house at 5p to arrive by 730P, so please be on time or you will get left. Click here for more info. Depending on how many people RSVP, we will have to caravan. If it rains, we will do nothing since it is a standalone event.

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