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Hey, Non Entity Policy Nixers! Supportive "Dinner or Not" Meetup Coming Up!
The upcoming Meetup, "Dinner or not," creates a space for (What i have Coined) "GHAC" (Government Harassed Abrogated Rights Citizen) citizens discuss factual, evidential violations to their Civil and Constitutional rights in a supportive, caring environment. This may be in a setting agreed upon by the group. It is important to note that I, Tatiana , the founder of this Meetup, continue to experience a pattern and practice New York City/state POLICY of disparate, rogue and corrupt abuse of p[ower violations and intrusions which began even before 2002, and continue to date: 2017. I became aware of something extremely awry when I began to get mass emails which were filthy and threatening and happened to have the same exact tone and tenor and were ripe with "intelligence" that is- personal information about family members or myself that strangers online, especially on 2002 when the emails began- would be privy to. The emails began with threats or rape upon myself and harm to my sibling. I was justifiably terrified. What's more the harassers used tech savvy exploits regular Joe's and Jane's were not aware of in 2002 , such as sending me threatening emails which appear to be from my own account. Or hacking into a domain account and using its email account to send me a harassing email with my sibling's name regarding: MORTGAGE RATES AT AN ALL TIME LOW! (WHICH ALSO MARKED THE BEGINNING OF THE CAMPAIGN TO STEAL MY PROPERTY, which was finally accomplished by the NYC/ NYS NON ENTITY POLICY AGAINST THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS, IN JUNE OF 2016, WHEN MY PROPERTY WAS STOLEN FROM ME AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE NON ENTITY POLICY OPPRESSION, DENIAL OF RIGHTS AND CORRUPTION. RECALL THAT SINCE 2008. I HAD BEEN UNCONSTITUTIONALLY DENIED A LAWYER- THE CITY OF NY NEVER INVESTIGATED THE 2002 "DEPT OF CORRECTION" LABELED RAPE THREATS AND COP RELATED THREATENING EMAILS, of which always also were in tandem with health related threats, "pharmacy," "our doctors," "life insurance." While I had to feild such emails in my account, I also had to deal with the routine abuse of harassing phone calls which were in tandem with the mass emails. Soon I realized that this "policy of hatred and modern outlawry" (no rights recognized) extended and enveloped my life at each social or business intersection. For instance, almost without exception I am treated to bizarre and disparate treatment by gov entities and often as a consumer to business; yet there is no cause other than the conclusion of a "policy." Verizon took my dialtone 2013, US Post office simply refused to deliver mail to NAACP in 2010 although it had been sent priority, a local post office , in violation of law, refused access to my family mailbox of at least 9 or 10 years the morning after my father complained to the USPS 800 number customer service about missing insurance policy premium invoices which arrived like clockwork for years. The insurance company claimed it was closing the 2 policies since they had not been paid the premiums which it claimed they had mailed! Items purchased online or by phone often end up arriving in boxes which are battered, wrinkled, kicked in, dragged -like someone really hates women. Particularly women of color. It's one thing if it happened once in a while- when it becomes a pattern and practice over the course of years, and with various carriers: there's a problem and a POLICY at work. How about receiving your awaited school finishing certificates in a brown manilla enveloped stamped by the US POST office as having been mailed from "MORGAN, NY," WHEN : 1. There is no Morgan, NY. 2. My school is out-of-state and thusly the US POSTAL stamp shyould have, and would have been of a different state than NY. 3. As if this were not tnough, the finishing certificates CLAIMED TO BE LICENSES AND HAD EXPIRY DATES! DO YOU have EXPIRY dates on YOUR diploma or school FINISHING certificates?! Stay with me... When I contact my school by email regarding WTF?! the freaky documents which screw me out of LEGITAMATE FINISHING CERTIFICATES so that in essence I have NOTHING after two yers of study in 2 different niches of study. After sending the first email- a rogue UNUATHORIZED CHARGE hits my MORGAN Chase checking account! No debit card lost. No new atms or purchases made on my part. Just rogue impunity! After the school responded, and they sounded a bnit befuddled and antsy, I responded. And a SECOND time there was an unauthorized charge to my account. It's critically important to note that this policy which is treachery against the US and NYS Constitution affects my emails, my mail (as you can see) mny interactions with schools (a pattern of receiving wither defaced finishing certificates (2007, 2008, 2012, 2014- all different schools) as well as stalking events while attending school. Seeking to preclude me from studies and good faith relationships with my schools (or any entity I interact with) is such a pattern that I can show screenshots and a phone call coinciding in real time with my seeking to sign up for class at an online school . Obviously, these FACTS which make up my life cannot be debunked as whimsy , theory and allegation when they are marked by the dates and times of my life. These are easily corroborated by the theft or disruption of utilities, denial or tampering of personal accounts, theft of property, denial of normalcy and due process; and most importantly it therefore acts as a extrajudicial death sentence since: If you are blocked from your city, state, US constitutional and unalienable rights; then taking your property illegally, mobbing harassment and intrusion are childsplay. And so finally in June 2016 my home and property was stolen . Some of the companies which seem to participate in this open game of denying normal rights and protections are" Verizon, Tmo, time warner cable, US Post Office, UPS. Since the City of New York, the state of New YOrk seems to enforce and carry out this policy- (again, after speaking up about - I sent photos of the event and a letter to my college asking the school to ensure that I don't experience such an event again while attending-an intimidation stalking event which was witnessed and captured on camera, by a FDNY ambulance joined by an aux police car- apporx 5 days after receiving my letter WITH 2 PHOTOS OF THE EVENT, 15-25 blackclad riot geared NYPD SWAT officers and some firemen descended upon my building. They pounded my door, rang the bell and thge door was carved open with the jaws of life by the fire dept. All in obvious retaliation to my JUSTLY informing my college of the matter- since it started on school grounds, and in fact the very next day the teacher presented me with a finishing certificate- 3 finishing certificates which were guess what? Defaced. That's the day after the intimidation event at the school. The SWAT demanded I "step outside" although there was no warrant, no crime. Most US nationals believe they have FREEDOM OF SPEECH and in fact it is a federal crime to intimidate or stalk a student because they are FEMALE OR MINORITY, and according to federal law the college was supposed to acknowledge that "hate-crime" event and try and EASE TENSIONS> INSTEAD it became the biggest constitutional violation ever sup[pressed. While the democrats and City of New York claims to want equality for women and is "liberal" towards Blacks- the truth is I was and am currently being "lynched" by the collusion and very policy enforced by bipartisan parties with the democrats actively suppressing and ignoring my rights and my father's rights for YEARS! What's more, every alleged Democrat or Liberal "human rights" or "civil rights" organization MOST US Americans believe defend civil and human rights were openly crude and surprisingly (to innocent folks like me) openly dismissive of my plight. Therefore, there is NO ONE to turn to- again my documentation will show letters and petitions to NYS Dept of Human rights (in 2010 who pretended they didnt receive my large documentation and request for investigation), US Dept of Justice, US DOJ Coordination and compliance, US Dept of housing, Sen Schumer, Sen Gilibrand, Pres Obama, Gov Cuomo- all of which did nothing while my rights continued to be violated and enabling the theft of my property. Also, only proving the attainder/outlawry/denial of rights exisits and continues unabated and uninvestigated because it is indeed a POLICY acting as law. I also wrote- years prior, to the NY City Council, and others- usually I received NO response. Further hard evidence. Meanwhile, the SWAT lead officer informed me that I was a "non entity" and that I wasn't going to get a lawyer. The lawyer was turned away- and in fact to date I am unable to get a lawyer to defend my civil, human or constitutional rights. Use of first responders, police officers, but particularly the fire dept and its ambulances to intimidate via stalking or mobbing intimidation - Theft of Verizon phone service May 2013- Despite call to public service commission. Pre recorded interrupting message put over landline phone, stealing dialtone. No calls in or out. And without my authority eventually Verizon modified my billing and service plan, although I no longer have landline service or dsl service. Theft of cable service April 2013- Cable service signal disrupted, cable company refused to re-send signal. There's too much obviously to place here. In[masked] I was terrorized by having to cope with both my father and then my sibling being violated and treated to torment and torture while hospitalized. Note that the masses of emails from 2002- always made threats via use of harnessing emails about pharma drugs which were not legit ads, emails mentioning medications, doctors, coupled with bizarre harassing calls from doctor's offices, hospitals, yet during those years I nor my father nor my sibling had any need for emergency treatment and so while it was obvious the emails were threats of an illegal unconstitutional kidnap and false fraudulent hospitalization extortion threat, or a threat of violence upon my person- I was too naive to imagine that my loved ones would be brutalized while in a hospital for a medical emergency. Yet this is precisely what happened to my father at one hospital in particular. I was his constant companion, but the hospital (Non entity policy impunity) acted like monsters. The hospital forbid me to see my own father but for 2 hours a day! Despite the fact that I am also a minister and was HIS minister and by federal law should be allowed to be at his side at anytime for prayer THE HOSPITAL FORBID ME FROM SEEING MY FATHER AS HIS MINISTER, they had already shoved a device on him- the doctor saying it would be removed the next day. The alleged problem WAS medically resolved the next day but the doctor would not tell me why the device was left on my father. Instead, I was called to a meeting where these arrogant, hateful people all sat around like ghouls - the hospital rep said: "we are taking over this patient! He has seen the last of his days! Or something thereabouts! The next thing I knew- Just like the us post office took my family post box of over 10 years, just like my home of over 10 years has been stolen, just like the c ity of NY SWAT and FDNY can terrorize and get away with it, jst like the rape threats sent in 2002 and the NYC TLC hack license of '99 in which my photos has a line going horizontally across my neck and another "scarring" my face; this hospital felt MUCH MORE THAN JUST Comfortable terrorizing my father and myself and denying my father's patient and constitutional rights as well as my rights. Despite being his proxy, that was ignored my father who had until that point been in a room with another patient, was now moved (pay attention) to a higher floor which was just above the hospital's 'ambulance port. This room was at the far end of the hall, no other patients meant no witnesses to any torture he may be undergoing- and he was tortured. From that moment Jan 24th of 2016 into Feb 2016, the main physician refused to speak to me and the assistant physician - a female , also refused to give information, was condescending, and ALL of these people were treating our lives as a open joke. The policy of abuse, humiliation and torture was at full throttle! The county of Kings, whi9ch has always ignored my father's rights particularly when he tried to gain justice in the small claims, supreme or Eastern District ! Now the City of NY would get some revenge Upon my father for his attempts to receive justice in the matter of MEADOWS VS PLANET AID INC , and his attempts to receive justice from the city of NY , the US DOJ, and others in order to help save my home and property. The hospital seized my father as if he were a slave or political prisoner. At the very last minute, almost the day before it happens I am told that there will be a judge coming to my father's bedside and that there will be a "hearing". Again this was to mock the fact that my father had appealed to the courts of NYC and NY, as well as to the New York City Council, Gov Cuomo, Sen Schumer and many more beseeching an investigation or assistance with the injustices, particularly when it came to his employment with Planet Aid and their refusal to abide in their job contract and refusal to remit his final paycheck. Important since Planet Aid was known to the NY city council and had been present at the shaping of Mayor Bloomberg's Clothing bin law of 2007. Neither he nor I were able to get a lawyer, so my father went pro se pauperis to the Easter District Court of NY which treated him to a kangaroo court from 2008- to the top of 2013. Because of this, he did not get the remittance of his final paycheck and the remittance of the rest of his annual salary which was $25K. Since he was wrongfully terminated, the job contract he signed still had to be abided by- but instead it was ignored. due to this abuse by planet aid, the City of ny, and NYS officials whose job it is to investigate violations against workers and seniors- another reason my home was taken. Now Planet Aid's clothing bin are in my hometown, where my home and property have been unlawfully taken. So with that backdrop, this judge and transcriber and various white male lawyers, the main physician (who lied about my father's condition ) who I had not seen since mid January 2016 , his assistant , a social worker, and others gathered in the torture chamber that was my father's solitary confinement (hospital room) over the ambulance bay. He had been given something as he lay looking terrfyingly lifeless. Here the City of NY and Kings County took a shoot at humiliating and further abusing my father. I can prove that teh main pohsycian had cut off all communciation- the abuse was so bad I tried to make several police reports and the police refused. What's new? That's why its cvalled "state torture." when a citizen has nowhere to turn because the very abuse they are experiencing is sanctioned and their right to life and nromalcy is ignored. I then tried reporting the unconsitutional abuse- isolation, denial of minsiterial visits, denial of patients rights, etc- to the FBI. But again, if the abuse you are experiencing is due to a government policy regardless of how rogue or in violation of the NYS and US Constitution it is- so long as it is acting as law, is enforced as law, the FBI look the other way. Which is why I call it "Stateside Guantanamo." Now here it is: the hospital claimed that my father needed to be "trached" but I was withholding consent! When in fact: 1. My father never needed the device more than 24 hours, but was TORTURED BECAUSE THE DEVICE WAS DELIBERATELY LEFT ON HIM! THEN HE WAS ISOLATED IN A SINGLE OCCUPANT ROOM AS I've MENTIONED AND ON THAT FLOOR THEY CLAIMED THAT THEY WOULD NOT "EXERCISE" HIS LUNGS. Yet, I later learned that THEY DO exercise patients on that device on that floor- but they would not do it for him! Therefore I did everything in my power to get him moved out of that hospital-instead they had the KINGS COUNTY COURT HEARING to mock and further baste in the torture of my father. At the HEARING the physician falsely stated that I would not allow the trach. Despite my proxy power the judge ALLOWED the procedure. Again the procedure happened AFTER MY FATHER WAS FORCED ON A DEVICE HE DID NOT NEED AND THEN KEPT ON THAT DEVICE, THEN THEY FURTHER TORTURED HIM BY MAKING THE3 DEVICE DO ALL HIS BREATHING AND REFUSING TO WEAN HIM OFF OF THE DEVICE BY CLAIMING THE FLOOR THEY MOVED HIM TO DOESN'T WEAN PATIENTS. HE WAS LEFT LIKE THAT FOR WELL OVER 12 DAYS WITH PHYSICIANS AND NURSES REFUSING MY REQUESTS TO REMOVE HIM OFF THE DEVICE, REMOVE HIM BACK TO A WEANING FLOOR, OR TO TRANSFER HIM TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL. MUM WAS THE WORD. MEANWHILE, IN AUGUST OF 2016 MY SIBLING WAS TORTURED IN A SIMILAR MANNER IN THAT NORMAL DUE PROCESS FOR THE PATIENT DISAPPEARED AND THE HOSPITAL WAS LITERALLY STARVING HIM TO DEATH! they HAD a NASAL TUBE DOWN HIS THROAT AND CONTINUED TO CLAIM HE WAS A NOTHING BY MOUTH PATIENT ALTHOUGH THE SWALLOW THERAPY PROFESSION considered a person in his position to be at least mechanical soft patient. A person quite capable fo taking food and drink. Rogue authority threats had been made upon his life PRIOR to his being found unconscious and being rushed to the hospital. He ended up at Kings County MUNICIPAL hospital. Already HOW and WHY he ended up in the hospital with allegedly an infection in the sinus area which went septic, rendering him in mortal danger. The hospital treated him for that emergency. But then it went NON ENTITY POLICY soon after when over two weeks later they continued to deny him food or drink by mouth although he was dealing with and negotiating copious amounts of phlegm from the draining sinuses which required him to hock it out, spit it out, use the Yankur wand to suck it out, or and swallow it. All of which scientifically and according to swallow therapy proves THAT PATIENT CANNOT BE A NOTHING BY MOUTH PATIENT! Yet, day after day the doctors watched his weight dwindle from 179 to 125lbs, and even tried to defame him because he stood his c\\ground and refused to accept a device he did not need. They continued to tell him he was a "long-term" nothing by mouth patient. He needed a stomach feeding tube because he was an "aspiration risk." Meanwhile he was capable of consuming food and drink and continued to beg the doctors and nurses for oral meals. They even had a "palliative" team member put a pamphlet on his bedside! It was insane what was happening. Already I had to fight to defend my father's human rights and life at another hospital, and now again, it was happening to my brother! I had to rescue my sib and he went to a swallow therapy professional who used a computer to test him and found that he was quite capable of eating and drinking, beginning at mechanical soft level. Then answer this: Why was he tortured with the withholding normal oral meals and drink? He was given canned nutrition drink via nasal tube. Just as my father was placed and kept on a breathing device he did not need, was purposely denied weaning exercises, was isolated, placed above the ambulance bay, denied visits by me but for 2 hours a day, denied ministerial visits, forced into a surgery and procedure due to the abuse of rights and torture. These are FACTS that cannot be hidden or covered up- they're just not known or spoken of. But hey need to be. These are not coincidences. These ARE conspiracies against the right to life and liberty by way of a "non entity Policy" in which the innocent citizen is lynched out of their own life and affairs. Do you think US Americans being tortured in this manner should be exiled in their very own country, city, state? Do want this for Yourself? For your loved ones? Neither do I. Join the Non Entity Nixers Meetup. Tatiana (excuse typos).

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Did you know that citizens/residents are being unconstitutionally mobbed,stalked, harassed, surveilled, blacklisted, hazed, tormented and deprived of their civil and human rights,right here in our Good city of New York!? Also consumer and property rights are ignored. I am a law-abiding 8th generation American and I was victim of an un- warranted SWAT team dispatched to my home for no legitimate cause in 2008. It was in retaliation for my reporting the pattern and practice of stalking and harassment I had been experiencing for years. I was labeled a "Non Entity" by the city of NY and my civil and Human rights were and are IGNORED. My lawyer was TURNED AWAY . I was falsely, fraudulently kidnapped and falsely and without cause detained for two weeks in a hospital to disparage my soundness and assail my character. Could YOU be next? Let's discuss the City's "Non Entity" policy phenomena and create positive, peaceful solutions to the erosion of the NYS and US Constitution Bill of Rights . Let's create a supportive, positive atmosphere for those fellow citizens who are being tormented by this unlawful policy and who need to be respectfully acknowledged and allowed to give voice to their truama from these outrageous government violations in order to heal and stop the harassment. Anyone who cares about preserving their US Constiutional rights should participate in this meetup group.

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