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Are you a non-drinker or looking for an event sans alcohol? Are you tired of Meetups where everyone is drinking (not that there's anything wrong with that) and you're not? Are you looking for friendly, meaningful conversation where you can get to know someone new? Then this Meetup is for you! We will be having events 1-2 times per month and will include dinners, euchre, movies, music, plays, museums, bowling and whatever else people feel like doing.

Let's meet, get to know each other and have some fun! Feel free to suggest an event, I'm all ears!

Pat Williams

Upcoming events (3)

Trivia over zoom videoconference

Needs a location

Let's play some trivia over zoom! There will be a good mix of questions about entertainment, history, pop culture, geography, music, whatever. You do not need to be good at trivia; this is just one fun thing to do while we do it!

Not this week, NEXT week: Sunday evening game: Yahtzee over zoom

Needs a location

Let's play some Yahtzee over zoom! You will need your own dice or dice rolling app, and you will need some score sheets. Free and fun!

Outdoor Memorial Day Party with a band!

Needs a location

Outdoor Memorial Day party with a band!!
We will have plenty of activities: volleyball, euchre, cornhole, ladder golf and spinning ladder golf, badminton, fowling (football bowling), rubber chicken toss, ping pong, shuffleboard, bocce, croquet, hula hoops, pinball, frisbees, and most especially ... There will be bubbles.
Pot luck: In the past, we have ended up with way too much food. As a general guideline, if your last name starts with
A - M, please bring food (preferably something real; not chips and salsa).

N - S, please bring drinks.
T - Z, please bring paper plates, plastic utensils, plastics cups, or napkins.
Those are just general guidelines; if your name begins with Z but you have the best lemon meringue pie recipe ever, by all means bring the pie. Please CLEARLY LABEL ALL food because some people do have dietary restrictions, and of course so that in any case people can know what it is without guessing. There will be a power source available for such things as crock pots, and there will be a large enclosed canopy there as a relatively bug-free space for the food.
New people do not need to be shy. Everyone is very nice. There will be name tags available, on a table next to the food tent. If you (like many people!) are shy in new social situations, just let us know and we will get you a spot in any activity you might enjoy. People who want to will observe the Memorial Day National Moment of Remembrance at 3 pm: National Moment of Remembrance (va.gov). We will also need volunteers for clean up and taking down the games afterwards.
Parking: Because of issues last year, do not park on the road or block driveways. Park in the parking lot of Gym America, 2300 S. State Street, and walk or carpool to the house.
p.s. We love our neighbors so please DO NOT enter through the side closer to State Street/west side of the house please.

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Jazz vocals in the park -> Townies Brewery afterwards

Needs a location

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