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This is the meditation I hoped to find all my life; because I thought I would never be able to meditate in a way that really made a difference! This meditation is truly different because I learned it in minutes and it immediately got me out of my head/brain and into pure awareness. The important part is that, after making that discovery, I easily reconnected with my body and moved to my heart space. From there I engaged my personality and memories. This allowed me to live from a place of peace and freedom I was not aware of before. I encourage you to explore this approach and see if it makes a difference for you.

So No-Brainer Meditation consists of the easy to learn pointing out techniques taught by Loch Kelly and found in his book “Shift into Freedom”. See Loch's website, videos and audios by clicking: lochkelly.org (https://lochkelly.org/) or search Lock Kelly on YouTube.com (http://www.youtube.com)

The goal of this meditation is to live from our heart space and the key is to recoge the difference between attention (residing in the mind) and awareness (connected to all that is and disconnected from mind). Loch says that learning to glimpse this awareness is like learning to ride a bicycle! It is simply practicing the yoga (i.e. movement) of local awareness and it allows you to quickly shift to small glimpses of awake awareness. When you glimpse awake awareness you are momentarily experiencing your true nature which is normally completely obscured by the "mini-me" voice in your head. With practice you can do this at any time; even when everyday mind creates unease or upsets. As your skill with the technique improves you can eventually live from that open-hearted awareness which is your true essence.

The key point is that anyone can quickly unhook or disconnect local awareness from thought and thereby immediately explore awake awareness in a matter of minutes. The reason local awareness has not been obvious is because we naturally confuse it with attention. Attention is generated and maintained by the everyday mind. Since attention is "louder" it constantly overwhelms local awareness, obscuring the fact of its existence.

You are invited to come and experience this relaxed, friendly group and share our journey of discovery by learning and practicing this amazingly simple technique.



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