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NO KIDDING! is an FUN, social community for couples and singles who, for any reason, have never had children or do not have children living at home. No Kidding!

Membership is open to members ranging in age from 20s to 80s, with most being in their 30s and 40s. Couples, singles, men, and women are all represented.

If you see yourself connecting to others with light hearts, going out to eat, walking in nature, checking out new adventures, local market, and discovering new activities, then NO-Kidding, you have found your new tribe.

We may on occasion have a Women's Only networking event for building a safe, secure and loving base for Women to feel connected with each other.

We enjoy sharing metaphysical and natural experiences with Wellness intent. Our sharing will include essential oils and natural ways to decompress and release tension.

Feel free to join if you are new to Cola Town, from and living in the surrounding area, single or partnered, looking for new friends, or just finding some fun stuff to do!

What do you want from ME? We are attracting those who want to experience a unique, non-political, non-religious, with intention to co-create JOY, FUN and HEART based events.

Members are encouraged to suggest and host events! So lets get started...

Past events (17)

Devine Day & Night Out

2930 Devine St

No Kidding - Social & Drink Crafting While Snacking!

3830 Rosewood Dr

What we are about? Lets discuss to find out...

Casey's On Rosewood

Elliot New and The Untouchables

1626 Main St

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