My Top 5 Take-aways From Working at Neil Strauss' Intensive / Open Discussion.

No More Mr. Nice Guy - YYC
No More Mr. Nice Guy - YYC
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I just worked another one of Neil Strauss' Society 100 events down in Portland, The 10x Intensive, at the end of March. Awesome event and a few great takeaways that I thought I'd share with you guys.

If you don't know who Neil Strauss is, he's arguably THE most influential person in the meeting women and/or seduction space. While he's best known for his book, "The Game," he has many other accomplishments under his belt (seven-time New York Times best-selling author and his book on the story of Mötley Crüe, "The Dirt" was just released as a Netflix movie).

- "The Game":
- "The Dirt":
- Neil's Wikipedia Page:
- Neil's site:

This event was about how to 10X your goals - whatever they may be. There were guys in from all over the world who came to work on their financial, health, dating and relationship goals.

I'll only take up the first bit, but will open the floor for discussion and/or we can discuss on any of the points above.


As usual, participation is FREE & our venue is the Work Nicer Co-working Space (6th floor, 630 8th Ave SW - across the street from the BMO sign).

Please show up on time. The doors to the building lock after hours, but I'll be there to let you in up until a few minutes past 7:00.

If you're stuck outside, text me, Burt at[masked] and I'll have someone run down as soon as possible.

Parking is free downtown after 6:00 too.


Dress code in effect. Dress how you’d show up at a first date.

Simply put and why:

You take care of those things you like and you value that which you take care of. Attraction is a by-product of having your crap together - and it starts with treating yourself well.


As a recovering "Nice Guy" myself, I, Burt started Charismatic Gent to help smart, yet shy guys acquire the deep down confidence to meet & attract their ideal woman... from a place of authenticity, integrity, & being a man of influence.

Also known as charisma.

I’ve been an authorized teacher for Dr. Glover’s (of the book, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”) dating & attraction mindset programs & am obsessed with human behavior & human engineering.

Every day I help men (perhaps like you) to become more self-assured, take action despite the fear, & to hold the attention of really great women.

Be awesome.

Burt Campbell

Charisma Consultant
Charismatic Gent


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