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The ‘No-Nonsense’ part of our group’s name refers to our commitment to see through the stories we tell ourselves about the world and others, and to instead see reality as clearly as possible. Through meditation practice and the Dharma, it is our goal to realize our potential without the egoic baggage that is the source of all suffering: grasping and aversion.

Because we are a group committed to the acceptance of Reality, we avoid discussion and topics of those things that require faith and belief, and instead focus on things that can be directly experienced for ourselves.

How we work: We typically meet every other Sunday, alternating between Livermore and Pleasanton. We also alternate between a member-led Dharma discussion, and a series based on some Buddhist concept.

Member-led Dharma discussion: Once per month, we take turns preparing and delivering a Dharma talk on a subject chosen by the member leading the group for that week. Anyone who feels comfortable sharing is encouraged to take a turn.

Series-Based Discussion: The other meeting in the month is based on a series that is pre-selected. Members are encouraged to prepare for these by listening to the assigned Dharma talks before the meeting. Currently we are studying the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path. We are listening to a series on the subject given by Gil Fronsdale, teacher at the Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City.

For the series meetings, the specific topic links will be in the body of the Meetup announcement.

Finally, above all else, we are a sangha, which in Buddhist vernacular, means ‘community’. Our primary purpose is to support, comfort and provide strength to one another as we walk the path to clear-seeing.

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