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Do you feel desperate to jump into another relationship to escape the unbearable pain you are experiencing?

You intended for your marriage (or long-term relationship) to last forever. You never expected that someday you would find yourself alone, scouring the internet, looking for a Divorce Support Group. Yet despite your best intentions, here you are, navigating the unsettling, unfamiliar territory of separation and divorce. You’ve tried venting to your friends, co-workers, and family, but you really don’t want to burden them with all of the pain and problems you are experiencing. And the truth is they likely don’t understand what you are going through. Furthermore, those closest to you cannot remain impartial, which makes it difficult for you to be open and honest. You can forget turning to your divorce lawyer to the tune of $400+/hour, and besides, he or she is not educated in psychotherapy.

You are not bad, you are not broken, and you are not doomed. If you are honest, you are most likely existing within the context of model that has not served you for quite a long time.

I am glad you found this group. I have spent close to a decade researching and implementing what enables individuals to recover from a devastating breakup and ultimately push forward to rebuild one’s life from ground zero as a healthy, stable, resilient, person who is fully equipped to experience life in technicolor. Although indeed traumatic, divorce sets the stage for the opportunity to dig deep, evaluate your past decisions and behaviors, and determine how to move forward in a way that will positively impact not only your life but the lives of those around you. How is this accomplished? You must be willing to get uncomfortable, and you must be willing to let go of old habits that are no longer serving you.

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

You should join this group if you wish to;
• Release negative emotions related to your separation/divorce
• Effectively move through your feelings of shame, sadness, remorse, and bitterness
• Increase your personal sense of well-being
• Improve your self-confidence
• Foster your independence
• Reconnect to your spiritual self and cultivate a connection with your true essence
• Deepen your intuition
• Create lasting, supportive connections with other courageous, resilient men, who, like you, are committed to doing things differently the next time around

Within six months you will be able to:
• Reduce feelings of overwhelm.
• Effectively process your feelings of anger and grief in a healthy, productive, cathartic manner.
• Cultivate forgiveness toward yourself.
• Candidly re-examine your choices in past relationships as a tool to strengthen your decision-making ability going forward.
• Strengthen your ability to make sound decisions.
• Develop practical skills for organizing information so as to reduce miscommunication with your former partner and others.
• Explore and reestablish your individual identity—your likes, your dislikes, your passion(s).
• Internalize a perpetual sense of renewed optimism for your future.

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