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This is a gathering for women that feel a unique calling in this world. A calling that makes you push yourself beyond any level of comfort so that no "comfort zone" exists. This is a place for incredible women who have been humbled by life, and are working hard to give back to this existence in a way that lifts our gender up, and inspires others.

This is a place for the altruistic entrepreneur, the Non-profit starter, the humanitarian, the psychic medium, the single women that are still soft, the indigo children, the unsuspecting warriors, the broken (but pieced back together), the marginalized (but not victimized), the survivor who needs no attention for surviving, the ordinary women doing extraordinary things. This is a place that strong, balanced women can come together to support and inspire each other.

This is NOT a place to share your pain for processing. This is a place for processed pain, and wounds that have already been healed. This is a place for women who aren't just surviving what life is giving them, they are going out and INVITING more challenges in. This is a place for women who face fears without being a martyr, victim, or drama queen. This is a pro-female place to share our hopes and dreams. We embrace our femininity, but we never use it to gain stature or manipulate others along our path. We seek healing when we need to, because we know that healing creates balance. We NEED NO RESCUE, because we love the growth we achieve by walking alone. We NEED NO RESCUE from our romantic partners because we know that our path is our responsibility, and we know that our love is only real without attachment. We gain strength from walking our path without being rescued, because we know we cannot live without fear if we are being rescued. Women's empowerment happens when we are empowered to face life without making someone carry our burdens in order to exist.

If you are a strong, balanced, loving female who would benefit from a support group to help you battle through the loneliness of leadership, this is the place for you. Leadership is lonely, we don't have to lead alone. Proposed goals for the group include (but are not limited to) PUBLIC SPEAKING, PLATFORM BUILDING, BUSINESS PARNTERSHIPS, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, FUNDRAISING IDEAS AND INSTRUCTION, NONPROFITS, METAPHYSICAL GROWTH AND DISCUSSION, and overall personal growth. I prefer single women because the struggle is so much different for us, but I embrace all women who are kicking ass in this world. The only requirement is a sense of self, and deep understanding of who you are, and unconditional love for others. If you are wounded and insecure, this is not going to be a good fit. If you USED to be wounded and insecure but chose to work through it, WE NEED TO HEAR YOUR STORY. All amazing, humble, evolved women are welcome, regardless of your marital status. (if you are a sober woman, please have a minimum of 3 years sobriety, and be willing to leave the "12 step" program at the door in order to embrace your unique calling and the input from others)

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