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The NoCharLUG is a Linux User Group meeting in North Charlotte, NC. The "NoCharLUG" abbreviation officially expands to "North Charlotte Linux User Group." Visit our website at https://nocharlug.org/.

We are a group of Linux enthusiasts from all over the Charlotte area that meet monthly to learn, share, and promote Linux. Membership is free and open to everyone, and there is no minimum level of expertise required. Most of our meetings consist of a presentation time and a hacking time. When there is a presentation, that will be announced in the Meetup Event. Anyone can propose a topic to be considered at one of our meetings. We are open to letting anybody present on a topic as long as it is related to Linux and free (libre) software, and as long as it is not a sales pitch for products or services. The hacking time is where anyone can show others what they're working on, seek help if they're stuck trying to figure something out, or just do general knowledge sharing about anything. Bring your laptop!

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Desktop Appliation Development with Gtk and Glade

Online event

Gtk is a free and open source cross-platform widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. It is one of the most popular toolkits for Wayland and X11 windowing systems, and practically everything on the Gnome desktop uses it. It also works on Windows and macOS. Join us for this virtual meeting, where Eli will be providing an overview of Gtk, how it can be used, why one might choose it over others (such as Qt), and how to get it to work on Windows. A brief demo of Glade will also be provided, which is a helpful application designer that creates XML descriptions of Gtk widgets / layouts that are consumable by Gtk applications. We will be using jitsi for our virtual meeting. This platform has issues with certain browsers / versions, so it is recommended that you make sure jitsi is working ahead of time. You can easily go there and create a test room, join, verify that your audio and video work, and very that you aren't constantly being disconnected. Hope to see you there!

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