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The "Standard American Diet" has been promoted in the U.S. for over 70 years....meanwhile, we've been getting bigger and sicker! Growing research points to eating a diet lower in carbohydrates....one that focuses on organic vegetables, quality fats, nuts and seeds and locally sourced meats for longevity and optimal health.

This is a group for anyone interested in learning about, experimenting with....or straight-up committing to a paleo and/or ketogenic diet. For more information about this approach to eating, check out this interview with one of my favorite virtual mentors, "Mark Sisson". He does a great job of explaining this approach to eating, and its many benefits.


Here's the thing, I am NOT an "expert". I'm not a doctor, I'm not a nutritionist or a dietician....nor do I pretend to be. But, I am a dedicated practitioner, and have been eating a paleo diet for nearly 10 years, and more recently have been moving towards a ketogenic approach to my paleo commitment for the past 2 years-ish. I wanted to start a group for fellow travelers, on the road to this eating approach, and for those who are simply looking for support or guidance from like-minded foodies :).

If you're looking to change your relationship to food, obliterate sugar cravings, improve mental clarity and physical performance through a paleo, primal or ketogenic approach to eating, this group is for you!

New Rules:

I will be removing members that RSVP yes, and do not change their RSVP to "no" more than twice for our restaurant outings, as these events have RSVP number restrictions, and it prevents others from signing up and attending our lively group. Please be mindful about the new rules and thanks!

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Barrel & Ashes

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