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Real Estate Investing Community Open house
Invest a couple hours in yourself and learn about the 4 levels of real estate investing, the value of systems & leverage, and how "Focus" creates wealth. Don't let the news be your only source for information. The fact that real estate is on sale, rental rates are rising, and many people are looking at real estate as a way to save their retirement or supplement lost income. Do you believe that there is money to be made in real estate? Did you know that owning only 10 homes can make you a millionaire? What if you could learn to triple your current retirement earnings? Do you really think your current plan is working? Understanding all 4 levels of real estate investing will allow you to have multiple exit strategies for any deal which helps to minimize risk. The 4 levels are: 1. Wholesaling 2. Fix & Flip 3. Buy & Hold 4. Money Lending Be sure to RSVP to attend this open house. Learn about how the right EDUCATION can help you find PROPERTIES in any economy to increase your personal INCOME and create financial freedom while growing your network in a COMMUNITY of like minded people that want to assist you to succeed. I look forward to meeting you soon. The meeting is held at a private office that requires an RSVP. The exact Address given once your registration is confirmed.

Private Office

Near Butterfield and 355 · Downers Grove, IL

Respond by: 10/25/2018

What we're about

No More Cubicle is here to provide support to those who are ready to never need a job again. Almost everyone has been taught to give their lives to a company in return for a paycheck.

Today, there are too many people unemployed and even more under-employed. Because of this, many people are questioning the education and direction they received in the past.

No More Cubicle is here to help W-2's realize that they have a choice.

Most people agree that moving from a W-2 paycheck can be scary, but in today's economy, almost everyone is realizing that the only secure income is the one you control.


1. Only about 6% of U.S. Millionaires inherited their wealth… this is really good news because it means that 94% created it.

2. Every year, the Forbes Richest 400 list is made up of business owners, not employees.

3. 75% of the wealthiest 1% has two things in common; they are business owners who also invest in real estate.

Anyone who is ready to say good bye to the "Rat Race", will need a place to get educated, grow, and find their new mind-set. Members will have access to a community that has already chosen to become successful through both business ownership and real estate investing.

By networking with like-minded people who are committed to see others realize their true potential and succeed. You will increase your chances for success.

Members will also have access to monthly real estate workshops, monthly marketing trainings, special guest speakers/events, and be able to access a business model that other wealthy people already know and use.

Being wealthy is a discipline; And any discipline can be learned if you're committed.

Come meet our community and take the first step towards true financial freedom.

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