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The DC area used to be a sad sad place when it came to our dining/ culinary scene - overflowing with pedestrian chain restaurants and stuffy steakhouses. The times have finally changed my friends, and these past few years have proved that there is much to be discovered right here in the DMV - craft cocktail bars, farmers markets, local breweries/ vineyards/ distilleries, food & wine festivals, concerts with a culinary edge, and even some of the nation's most celebrated chefs have decided to start opening up some of their new concepts right here in the DC area.

I'm a NoVA native, born and raised in Fairfax County, and after graduating from high school in '99, I attended college in Northern NJ just across the Hudson from NYC - one of the greatest culinary capitals in the world! I worked in media first as a TV news producer then as a Public Relations professional, but one of my favorite things about NYC was how almost every corner of the globe's cuisines were represented throughout the city via restaurants - dim sum, Korean, kosher, Indian, Japanese/ sushi/ sashimi, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Peruvian, Mexican, etc - the list goes on. I actually ended up specializing in hospitality public relations while in NYC and as a result have worked with some of the most celebrated celebrity chefs in the U.S.. After almost 10 exciting year living and working in NYC, I finally decided to move back to NoVA in 2010 and opened up my own PR agency/ media group and am working with some of the DC area's most celebrated chefs, distilleries, and mixologists.

Dining, cooking, sharing cocktails, etc - is a great way to meet people, socialize, learn something new, create memories, celebrate milestones, learn about other cultures/ history, or even more about your brilliant local farmers/ vendors.

I'm in my early 30's, am so happy to be back in my hometown, and want you all to get off the couch, put down your DVR remotes, and sign on for some of our culinary field trips and not only see but sip and savor what's out there!

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