What we're about

This group is for movies lovers from all walks of life who enjoy movies and would like to combine movie watching with socializing. Anyone who loves, or even likes movies and likes to socialize are welcome!

Activities will include watching movies (of course) and sometimes will include dinner or casual dining and/or drinks before or after the movie. I hope to incorporate some "home theater" movie or television serious watching events, but that will depend on someone stepping up who's willing to open up their home for the occasion. In addition, there may be other movie related events schedule when opportunity provides.

My goal for this group is to make a welcoming "community" of movie enthusiasts to come together to enjoy the art and entertainment of film and hopefully make a few friends along the way.

There are a few rules.

1. This is not a dating group. Anyone who tries to use this group as a vehicle to get dates will not a member for very long. Obviously I cannot prevent mutual attraction (nor would I want to) but if your intention for joining is to meet people for dating, this is probably not going to work out for you.

2. Attendance. I'm not going to be a stickler on attendance. Things happen and sometimes people can't make events they've RSPV'd to. Try to update your RSVP if you can, and please be considerate of event organizers and only RSVP if you truly plan to attend.

3. Be kind and respectful and treat everyone with dignity. That's all. If everyone will do that there's no need for any other rules.

4. See rule #3.

Past events (43)

Toy Story 4 in IMAX

AMC Tysons Corner 16

The Long Shot

AMC Tysons Corner 16

Pokemon Detective Pikachu in Dolby

AMC Tysons Corner 16

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