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Mission Statement:
NoVa Amateur Filmmakers' vision is all about Action! We get things done. Even though we’re not professionals, we are committed to producing great quality short films that tell compelling stories. We encourage all of our members' creativity and enable them to learn about the filmmaking process through hands-on experience. Our goal is to produce one short (4 - 10 mins) piece every 6 weeks. In order to make this happen, we are looking for dedicated team members for writing, acting, production, and post production roles.

Our Organizer:
Nate Vomocil will serve as the project manager for all our productions. He will schedule the the film production timelines; filter screenplay selections for practicality; manage production, acting, and post production roles; and making sure the group stays on schedule and within budget. He will also be providing the bulk of the equipment necessary for production.

Our Production and Acting Team:
You! The NoVa Amateur Filmmakers members are the only source of our production and acting team. Members will be allowed the opportunity to volunteer for positions and acting roles in each of our short films. Group leadership will make every effort to accommodate group member's interests while ensuring film positions are adequately staffed. When you volunteer for a position, you mean it. You’re there to see the final screenplay come to life.

Our Filmmaking Process:
In order to promote fairness and efficiency, we will divide the whole process into four phases:

Phase 1: Consists of calls for screenplays. We can't make good short films without compelling stories to tell. The call for screenplays is announced as an event in our group's calendar and submissions are always on-line, via the "More" and "Files" options of our Meetup webpage. This phase will be done entirely online. Leadership will provide notes on the practical aspects of any scripts submitted, and filter out any scripts that are currently outside of our production budget and/or expertise. This phase will occur on more or less a consistent basis.

Phase 2: We meet in person, discuss the scripts up for consideration, and vote on which screenplay will be our next production. We also will assign roles, including acting,production, and post production, during this time. Members who are present at this meeting will be given priority when assigning roles. The screenwriter of the selected script will be given the opportunity to direct, if they would like to. The director will work with the group's leadership to make sure strong choices are made, and there is a coherent vision for the story.

Phase 3: The directors, production members, and actors will prepare for filming. This means storyboarding; acquiring props, costumes, and equipment; finding shooting locations; actors memorizing their lines; etc. This work will largely be self-directed, but the group's leadership will ensure that everyone is remaining on schedule, and work with the director to ensure that the director's vision is coming across in all aspects of the production.

Phase 4: We meet in person and shoot the short film. The location(s) will be determined by the script. All members involved will be prepared to start shooting early and remain at the location until their duties are complete. These will be a long days; 12 - 14 hours are not unusual. Food will generally be provided for cast and crew on production days, budget allowing, but members should come prepared to be on set the entire time, comfortable clothes and shoes, personal snacks and special dietary needs, plenty of sleep the night before, etc.

Phase 5: The editing, sound, and (if required) SFX teams will work the director and group leadership to put the film together. Actors may be need to come in and rerecord dialogue or voice over parts, etc. Once the final cut is completed, we meet in person to view it. During this meeting, we will discuss lessons learned from the filmmaking process as well. We will also choose the script that will be used for the next short film, assign production, post production, and acting roles, and the process repeats....

Overall, this group is about creating short films. We will be doing it all - drafting scripts, finding locations, acting, producing, filming, editing, and having fun while doing it. To be a successful member of this group, you must be open minded and accept constructive feedback – we’re not interested in primadonnas. If you are a creative, team player, willing to be supportive in any production roles the production demands, then we would love you have you join us!

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