Sunday 4-6pm Rueda Dance at Salsabor

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Price: A$5.00
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Like last year, we are starting our Sunday Rueda dance at Salsabor from Sunday 12 May during this winter season. For an entrance fee of $5, we get to enjoy the indoor warmth, proper dance floor and mirrors, and other convenient facilities that the studio provides.

Ladies, as a follower, even if you don't have Rueda experience but do with the Salsa skill, you will be able to dance with us straight way.
Gentlemen, as a leader, you do need to know some Rueda moves to join, however if you are seasoned salsa dancer, you shall be able to learn the moves very quickly.

Rueda means ‘circle’ in Spanish. This is a fun progressive dance to Latin (SALSA) music. All levels of experience welcome. Like square dancing, Rueda has a leader who ‘calls’ out the moves. The men lead and the women follow ( although the leadership role is open to anyone!). Rueda is a very social dance and it is important to watch the ‘caller’ and move in time with the music.

For your safety and comfort, and for minimising the wear to the wooden dance floor, please wear comfortable and soft footwear.

Please note, this event is also listed in Meetup/Facebook, so don't be discouraged by the RSVP numbers you may see here (BTW, some of our regular members do not use Facebook nor Meetup).

The entrance fee for this event is $5 per attendee and the payments will be collected for Salsabor for the studio use. It shall be considered a Salsabor held event though our group are assisting in hosting as well as participating. Please take care for the studio facilities as any damage repair cost will be the responsibility of individuals who have caused.