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What we’re about

Hi im Seth! ✋this is No-Code El Paso. What's that❓️

If you’ve wanted to build an app, launch a startup, or simply express an idea on the web – but you’re not an engineer and you don’t know how to code, This is for you. This will be a free event for now and open forum/introduction for beginners or anyone interested in learning how you can build online apps without code. I want to help todays college students and even career professionals learn how to make passive income, or just build an app without any technical knowledge, The sky is the limit to what you can build and now its accessible to anyone.

No-Code is not new, but it is now accessible and is democratizing software development and "WHO" can build software or a tech startup. People all over the world in both startups and large companies are automating workflows and business processes that allow programmers to focus on more complex areas with these tools. No-Code does not replace code but allows us to build things at half the cost of hiring a software engineer and half the time to deliver to your customers.

It is now possible to create online products and build a side hustle or side project now as No-Code tools are enabling people to build startups without needing Venture capital. You too can build online products to start a bootstrapped business if you wish. Maybe you just want to learn how to automate processes and workflows with applications in the workplace. Your in the right place. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My goal is to educate anyone who has ever wanted to build and launch their own online products.

Outside of my day job as a remote technical project manager in the IT/Defense industry, I am startup founder and creator in what's known as the creator economy and former podcast co- host at My NoCode Story podcast. I love product management, design, UX, SaaS, and helping businesses achieve results thrugh proper marketing website done right. I enjoy building digital products and SaaS apps that solve problems for a niche verticals in both B2b and B2C. I started my no-code journey in 2018 with the support of the no-code twitter community and have been contributing to its growth ever since.

if your interested in learning about the No-Code Tools and how you can start building apps today, I highly recommend Checking out for a list of all the amazing types of tools you can use to build apps.

If your on twitter, I'd love to connect.

I will be scheduling more of these in person events in 2023 as well as some events to help others learn how to validate a startup idea, building a social media audience, and why bootstrapping and online SaaS business is the best way to create the lifestyle you want. If your interested in any of these topics and want to learn Feel free to reach out to me here or on social.

Thank you!

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