Weekend Code Warrior: Building API’s Quicker by James Gibson

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Weekend Code Warrior: Building API’s Quicker

Ever had a great idea to solve or automate a task but then gotten so bogged down by setting up the project correctly that you convinced yourself it wasn’t that good of an idea in the first place?

Project setup is annoying. Our time is valuable, especially when we are programming on our own time. The Express generator is a good place to start, yet there are many more pieces to wire in before you have a functional, secure API.

How do we prevent project setup from interfering with solving the actual problem?

In this talk, I will explain a few of the practices I've identified to make this process smoother. We will touch on the local dev environment, deployment and hosting, security and authentication, and build processes, as well as a peek at an Express wrapper I’m writing to address some of these challenges.

Solving problems faster to make more time for Netflix.



James Gibson

As a platform architect, James Gibson has continuously researched and explored the best practices for teams of all sizes. He specializes in designing scalable solutions for SaaS applications and has fine tuned both the process of greenfielding an application and helping organizations recover from legacy tech debt.

Twitter: @thenodester
DenverDevs: james.the.nodester
Platform Architect and Co-Founder @ gibsunas.co



6:30pm: Food, beer, networking
7:00pm: Talk
7:45pm: Questions

Hope you all can make it out to this great talk. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.