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This is a group for anyone interested in Node.JS. All skill levels are welcome.

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Node.js Wroclaw #2


Hi everyone. We're glad to announce that we're going to conduct the second meetup on 27th of February! It's time to gather again and discuss node.js in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Would you join us? The venue is the same - Grunwaldzki Centre, DataArt Wroclaw office. We'll wait for you on the 0 floor. Agenda: 1. Oleksandr Tryshchenko, Sr. JavaScript Developer at DataArt Web Scraping with Node.js (English) Web scraping probably one of the oldest things on the internet and the talk isn't going to be revolutionary. However, I do it quite often with node.js, and I want to share my experience with you. In this talk, we will structure knowledge, good practices, tools, and libraries. - Motivation and purpose - Ethics and "fair use." - Accessing and parsing remote resources - Content management and file system organization - Performance and optimizations - Data management and cleaning - Examples and conclusions 2. Cezary Dynak, Node.js developer at dynak.net Topic: Embedded Node.js - something fancy or simple and proved? (English) Agenda: - What is an embedded system - Motivation and purpose - How to deploy Node.js on embedded Linux - Use-cases - Highlights and risks 3. Wojciech Krysiak - CTO at SoftwareBrothers.co Topic: AdminBro - an automatic admin interface which can be plugged into your node.js application (English) Agenda: - AdminBro - what it is and what is the purpose of it - Adding admin panel to node.js app - Customize resources: custom fields, actions - Dashboard ++ - Wrapping an existing API - Summary

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Node.js Wroclaw Meetup #1

Wroclaw, 51.111466, 17.061861, Grunwaldzki Centre (entrance between Starbucks and Alior Bank), 6 floor - DataArt conference room

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