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I am looking for a few buddies who are interested in film-making and have some resources to pool such as cameras, lenses, lights, etc. and further our study of film-making.


I have a Nikon D3100 and some decent lenses. However, I feel helpless because I would like to shoot some video with multiple cameras from different angles, different lenses and compare the footage, color grade some footage, edit video, may be have someone drive me around in my car while I shoot video, or I could drive and they could shoot video, but I don't have any friends.

Must-have's to join this group

Please join this group if, and only if:

• You own a DSLR or a mirrorless camera and some lenses and are interested in making films and/or learning how to make films; and

• You live in Noida; and

• You have your own conveyance.

Those three are must-haves to join this group.

Nice to have's but not necessary to join this group

In addition, even though it is not required, it would be nice if:

• You also had a digital video workstation, i.e. a computer with some serious non-linear video editing and composition software;

• You already edit video;

• You own some lighting equipment

What this group is not:

1) I am not looking for people who expect that we'll all sit and talk about film-making and share our knowledge and shit. Only losers sit and share knowledge. Learning is an individual, single-person activity. No long meetings, no pizza, no beverages, nothing. Just silence, camera, lenses, thinking, observing, going back home.

2) This group is not to make some film or something.

3) This is not a film making school or tuition. I am myself a learner. If you're looking for a school or something that will teach you how to make films, you probably will never make films.

What this group is:

We all will just come together whenever we have time and shoot video of whatever we like. No one will impose on anyone what to shoot and what not to shoot.

Basically, the purpose is just to share whatever cameras, lenses, lights and things we have. Because I have only 1 camera and 3 lenses, you might have a different camera from mine and different lenses, if I use yours and you use mine, we both get exposure to more than one camera without buying any extra gear. That's it.

And we might ask of each other things that will help us in our study of film-making.

For e.g. I might ask someone in the group to shoot my video from 3 different angles and then I take home the footage to study. You might do the same. Or, we might go together somewhere and film something helping each other. One person may hold the camera, another pull focus, another move the lights, etc.

This is not to teach one another anything or to sit and discuss things. It's going to be very individual. We basically meet, silently do our own things using each others' gear, and go our separate ways. We meet whenever we have time.

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