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To suggest books, please join this facebook group and put up your recommendations: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2605346642833986

Libraries hold priceless records of other people’s mistakes. We learn from pain, but it doesn’t always have to be our own.

Note: To attend these meetings it's not necessary that you'd read the book, we will mainly touch the broader themes from it, so it will be easy to follow. Please feel free to join us and learn & share experiences.

This is a book club for non-fiction books. It works like a typical book club: a book is chosen, and then we meet in person to talk about the book. We normally meet once a month in some cozy location in Gothenburg. The language for the meetups is English.

The book for the month is usually chosen by polling the members. We prefer non-fiction books that can be appreciated by a wide audience without requiring any previous technical knowledge about the subject.

Members suggest titles through the discussion board and when first joining. All non-fiction books are eligible: the authors and books selected do not represent the views of the organizers or members. We learn and develop our critical thinking skills by meeting in respectful dialogue books, people and ideas with which we may disagree. And we like to have fun.

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