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Welcome Non-Native Pittsburghers and returning natives!

This group was initially organized by Kellie Gormly, a Texas transplant, and was transferred to Katherine O. in March 2010, and then in May 2012, to Kristen P. I picked it up in 2017.

Pittsburgh may have a lot to offer, but it’s more fun to do it with other people. You can be single or married, non-native or even a native who has moved away and come back to join this group. Our typical member is mid twenty-something to forty-something, with a sprinkling on either end of the age scale. Just come out and join us for some conversation and see who you meet and what you learn.

This group was started by Kellie to help women, who have not been here their whole lives, connect with other women.

To join our group, we do ask for a few basics:

1) You need a profile picture so that we can recognize you. Our organizers can sometimes find you quicker than you can find them in crowded places. Walking up to strangers and asking if they are there for a meetup gets you some funny looks (been there, done that).
2) Please answer the profile questions so people can learn about the folks they are coming out to meet. People can send messages before and after they meet you. Sometimes it’s fun to find a new member from your home country, state, or town.
3) You have to agree to not SPAM the group in any way, shape, or form.
4) We do everything possible to foster an open environment, and request that all members give everyone “consideration”. Anyone making members feel uncomfortable will be removed from the group.
5) Our group is as good as the people and the activities. If you see someplace you'd like to try out, add it to the message board and we can make a meetup of it. If you are interested in becoming an event organizer, please let me know. We welcome additional interest in organizing events.

6) If you have not logged onto the group in approximately 6 months or longer, we will remove you from the group. If you find this has happened, just resubmit a request to join and you can be added again.

7) We will charge yearly $5 dues to be a part of this group. Many people don't realize that the organizer pays from their own funds to keep the site going. The dues will help cover costs of the meetup website. If we wind up with a surplus we will announce an event and the group will cover some or all of the costs for all who attend. **If you don't pay the dues you are put into a pending status and can't see events - so please remember to update yearly.**

8) Out of respect to our organizers, we do ask that you change your RSVP if you have to back out of an event. It is ideal if you can update 24 hours ahead, but if not, please contact the organizer (most will give their cell phone number to attendees, in case of changes).

Lastly, just get out there and join us. Meetup face to face. You don’t need to come to every meetup or even a majority, but I hope to see you out there at some point. We look forward to meeting you all and making new connections!!
All the Best,

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