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Non Nobis Solum - "Not for ourselves alone"

The purpose of this group is to foster (through both online and in-person gatherings) a space that allows for the free discussion and debate of various topics related to ethics, philosophy, theology, social interaction, interpersonal relationships and modern life. Different topics are selected prior to each meeting and everyone who participates is encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and opinions on that meeting's topic. Everyone is given an opportunity to speak and personal attacks are strictly forbidden. The goal is to share different perspectives and enrich one another with our unique opinions and outlooks. New topics can be introduced and discussed through the MeetUp group's Message Board ( https://www.meetup.com/Non-Nobis-Solum/messages/boards/ ).

The basic agenda of each meeting is as follows...

1) A quick introduction to the group and its purpose by the moderator

2) A brief explanation of the rules, moderation process and administration of the meeting by the moderator

3) Sequential introductions by all participating members in turn

4) Introduction and explanation of the meeting's topic

5) Sequential opportunity for each participating member to give their thoughts on the topic in turn

6) Open debate and discussion where a member indicates their interest in contributing and is called on to speak by the moderator

7) Final thoughts and closing

The basic outline of a meeting will no doubt evolve as more meetings take place and members find what works best to facilitate a fruitful discussion.

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