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For three years now, Non-Scene Gay Guys, DC has been the DC area’s only non-scene gay social activity group. We regularly meet away from the gay scene. We meet once or twice a month at non-gay bars, private residences, and restaurants.

We are not into the high-profile, popular DC gay scene, especially its bars. Rather, we meet, socialize, and relax with gay men in places other than gay bars as ordinary, everyday guys. Our goal is to form new platonic friendships, not find dates or hookups.

We in Non-Scene Gay Guys, DC define ourselves based on more than just our orientation. We are racially and ethnically diverse, non-judgmental, and are composed of guys 21–50+ years young. Our broad interests include rock music (not just female pop singers) and sports—go Caps! We cater to guys from various social, regional, and economic backgrounds and are fun to hang around with.

Both our intentions and actions are good. We expand social opportunities and create new social spaces for gay men. We are social space away from the gay scene and are not a political or ideological group. Most of us are openly gay, but if you’re not out, that’s okay, too. This is a social activity group for guys to be comfortable, and there’s no pressure to be or come out. We don’t care about that: Just be you.

Guys who join Non-Scene Gay Guys, DC will be verified as real, not fake (no catfishing). Fake accounts will be removed. Guys who apply to join whose accounts appear to be fake will be rejected. If you are real and feel you were rejected in error, email us at You can verify you are real by sending us your Facebook profile link.

We in Non-Scene Gay Guys, DC know who we are: self-respecting, self-loving, self-accepting, and self-affirming. We’re not a big deal. We are ordinary guys next door who have created a social space that is accepting, comfortable, relaxing, and fun.

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