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Are you a (naturally) masculine gay or bi man who feels like you don't fit in with the stereotypical gay bar scene and "culture?" Are you baffled by the popularity of drag shows and the increasing feminization of men? It seems masculine gay men are being conditioned to believe our very existence is an oxymoron. There is a silent but pervasive attitude that to be a gay man, you must automatically be feminine, dress a certain way and emulate the stereotype. That's great if people choose to live their lives that way, but I personally do not, and I can't believe I'm the only guy out there who feels this way.

First of all, what this group is NOT about: It is not to bash feminine or stereotypical gay men. I feel we should support everyone's right to express themselves however they choose. I believe we can love and support others in our community without the desire to participate in stereotypical activities and behaviors. What this group IS about is creating a great group of guys that share a common interest.....and that interest is that we actually ENJOY being men and being around other men; men that have no desire to refer to each other as "girl", "bitch" or "queen." I feel this language is not only disrespectful but incredibly divisive; not to mention sexist. Oddly enough, if you were to intentionally use the wrong pronoun with a transgender person, these same people would want to stone you to death, but they have no problem using the wrong pronoun with us.

What I DON'T want this group to be: Guys that feel like they have to put on an act and use masculinity props. There will be no need to wear leather costumes and shove a big cigar in your mouth (that is unless you genuinely enjoy cigars.) This is not a machismo contest. This is not a political group. This is not a sex group. If you hit it off with someone romantically or sexually, that's awesome but that's not the purpose of the group. My vision for this group is to attract a great group of down-to-earth guys who can relax and be themselves around each other. There will be no age, race or social status requirements (as long as you're over 18.) So if this resonates with you, please join us.

• Who should join?: Naturally masculine, non-stereotypical gay or bi men. You should either be "out" or open to the idea of coming out (at your own pace of course), as part of being a man is having the courage to live an authentic and honest life. Plus, no one wants to play pretend with you when we meet up.

• Why should members join?: To form deep and lasting bonds with other men like ourselves.

• What can members expect?: At first, the meetings will most likely be in restaurants or bars (probably not a gay bar.) Once we get a solid group together and get to know each other, we can discuss other possibilities, such as camping or hiking trips, or whatever the group as a whole decides it is interested in doing.

• Note: Just because you go to gay bars occasionally, doesn't mean you will be rejected from this group. However, I doubt the group will be meeting up in gay bars unless that's something we as a group decide we want to do. Open communication is key here.

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