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You suffer because you believe your thoughts and emotions and conditioning. You are not these things you are already an enlightened being or Buddha. but you need pointers to help you realise that the self you believe you are is not real. I had an awakening couple of years ago the self I believed I was dropped away and what was left was this beautiful nonconceptual awareness to what is real. I do 1-1 sessions to help anyone who is curious or interested in non duality enlightenment awakening or are just fed up suffering.

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Conceptual awareness discussion

18 arundel Court

I will be having a meet up chat discussion and any questions on non conceptual awareness. The fact we are not our thoughts or emotions but this universal awareness beyond our concepts. Would love to meet anyone who thinks enlightenment awakening isn't for special people but everyone is already what they are searching for but clouded by the mind and condishning. Price £10

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