What we're about

There are not a lot of safe spaces for nonbinary/gender variant individuals to meet and socialize, so we've taken the liberty of creating one in NYC. The goal of this group is to allow for trans folk (including those who don't solely identify as male or female, and those who don't identify as either) to meet, connect, and form lasting friendships. There will be no gender policing here and you are free to express yourself, as yourself, in our company!

If you are cisgender, please do not join this group. It is not your educational resource, nor is it a space for allies. It is solely for trans-identifying individuals to have a space free of questioning, judgment, or danger.

Past events (14)

Pool and Drinks at The Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn

Meet at Brook's! Coffee + BK Museum or Botanical Gardens
Let's Chat at Sammy's Noodles