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We are None Zen Center, a community to advance your Zen practice. Here at the Center, Zen meditation is not about looking for relaxation, nor tranquility, nor stillness; it is about knowing your self or your true nature. Through practicing Zen meditation, you are discovering your self, revealing your true nature, just as Gautama Buddha did thousands of years ago.

We started our first meditation center at Taipei, Taiwan in the year 2013. In 2015, we founded our San Jose Center in California, USA and, again, two years later, the 3rd meditation center at Tainan, Taiwan in December 2017.

We provide structured Zen meditation classes for beginners as well as for seasoned practitioners. All classes provided in our centers are free of charge, and all are welcome to join us to step on the journey of discovering your self.

For more information, welcome to visit our
website ( https://thenone.org/ ) or FB ( https://www.facebook.com/nonezencenter/ ).
We are looking forward to seeing you at the Center.


我們在2013年,在台灣台北成立第一個禪社。2015年, 我們在美國加州聖荷西市,建立了聖荷西禪社。兩年後,我們於2017 年 12月,在台灣台南成立第三個禪社。


想要瞭解更多資訊,歡迎參觀我們的網站 (https://thenone.org/),或是FB粉絲團 ( https://www.facebook.com/nonezencenter/ )

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Zen meditation - Taipei Beginner's Class (July)

No. 241-2(2F)

Zen meditation - Taipei Beginner's Class (June)

No. 241-2(2F)

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