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NVC Practice Group JULY (2nd Monday of each month)

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We will be going back to strengthen the basics of NVC. It would be helpful (but definitely not essential) if you have a copy of Lucy Leu's "Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook" which contains well-structured practice group exercises. We use this workbook as the basis for many group activities. Worth investing in that book if you are mastering NVC.

Structure of the Practice Group:

Welcome Opening Circle: sharing what is alive in you at that moment (feelings, needs) Placement review of NVC basics Exercising: e.g. Giving from the Heart. Seeing the needs that prevent us from giving from the heart. This is CHAPTER 1 of the Lucy Leu workbook. Not essential pre-reading to attend this group! You can turn up and participate even if you don't know this material. We will be prepared to share handouts and books with the group! Reflective Round Empathy Session Agreements and Completion

If you have any specific topics, needs or preferences for this group, please email to let us know. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so out of integrity we can commence this group on time thanks!!


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