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If you are NUTZ about everything AQUATIC and love to include #diving as a main part of your #adventuretravel, then you found the most awesome group to be a part of. We are a group of active #scubadivers that love to travel together, dive together and make nothing but the best of memories on our adventures. In this group, we actually go diving, so be prepared to get wet as a member of this group.

As an AquaNut, you're part of a vast network of divers that extends all over the world. The diving community is one of the most exciting communities to be part of, always full of fun and diverse people. As an AquaNut, you'll have opportunities to network with divers from Massachusetts, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, of course California, and even Australia.

We welcome divers from all walks of life and across all experience levels to join them on their dive adventures. We plan dive adventures locally in California and to tropical and exotic locations around the world. On international trip, divers fly from any home airport and meet up with like minded peeps on a pre-arranged adventure of a lifetime at our final destination. For those interested in diving while traveling but are not certified to #SCUBA dive, we offer instruction as well both locally and abroad. Additionally, with travelers joining us from all over the world, we're happy to help you book your airfare from your home airport and plan for airport transfers to and from the resort at our final destination.

If you've got a passion for diving and aquatic adventure travel, you're in good company. Keep an eye out for postings of our upcoming dive travel adventures and fun dive travel articles to keep the discussion going during the dry spells. Cheers to pruney fingers and toes. :)

In an effort to protect the dynamics of this group from spammers and hackers, we ask that you please fill out the survey that coincides with your request to join for the group administrators. Please include your reason for interest, your home port, and your level of experience to date. Genuinely interested parties are always welcome, regardless of the level of SCUBA experience. Thank you for your support and understanding. Non-diving family members are also welcome to come along on most adventures.

Note: The AquaNutz is an independent scuba club not affiliated with any store. We welcome sponsorships and seek to do our best to support the multitude of stores in our local areas with our frequent patronage. Afterall, we couldn't do what we love without your generosity and support too.

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Sail the B.V.I.'s - Caribbean Cruising

British Virgin Islands


Come sail the pristine waters of the British Virgin Islands for 8-days/7-nights. Travelers would fly into St Thomas, US Virgin Islands and ferry to the Beef Island port. From there, taxi to Manuel Reef Marina to board our vessel. The morning of departure we’ll review safety protocols and do a boat checkout (where we prove that we can handle the sailing of the boat as well as check the boat over for safety and proper gear). We'll review provisions and discuss a loose itinerary (as the itinerary is flexible to our liking) and then set sail to explore the luxurious and beautiful BVI’s. We've reserved a modern 41' monohull, a 2013 Dufour 410. Additional boats will be reserved based on interest. (The trip is cross-posted so confirmation here is not reflective of total number passengers.) Throughout the trip we'll get to enjoy the cruisers lifestyle as we sail from island to island amidst the British Virgin Islands, stopping in various bays and at various beaches throughout our journey (some secluded, some not). There will be plenty of opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive between islands, explore beautiful beaches and caves, treasure hunt for pirate booty, and enjoy great company amongst the plethora of cruisers in the area at that time, both in our own flotilla and while enjoying the local nightlife on the islands. We’ll be making arrangements to dive the famous RMS Rhone wreck on our journey as well. This will be somewhat of a working vacation with travelers participating in the sailing and cruising activities from time to time. Each sailor will take some time at the helm as they wish, help as crew, help with meal prep and cleanup, be expected to chip in for provisions and generally help keep the vessel ship shape. Travelers are typically welcome to arrive a day early or so to help with provisioning and boat prep for the following days departure. Sometimes you can stay aboard the boat the night before if it's available. Otherwise plan to stay in some local accommodations you can typically book the day of arrival if you do decide to come early. Participants are required to have some level of training in sailing, ASA101 and ASA103 certifications preferred. Bare minimum requirement is the Competent Crew certification. This can be acquired by a local sailing school. Please let me know if you need some help with this as I have some recommendations. Our exact itinerary for cruising will take into account weather, currents, tides, and crew experience and will be more firm (though still flexible) once we get there. While the BVI’s are still recovering from the hurricanes from prior years, most of the services, restaurants and bars are back in working order. This is a great opportunity to not only explore a tropical destination, but also help a community in need. Spaces are limited on the monohull, but more boats can be booked depending on interest. The monohull sleeps 6 ppl (3 doubles) with each berth having their own private bath. Catamarans are available as well, each sleeping 8 (4 doubles). Price is variable depending on selected options but it is expected to range on the order of $800 to $1500 per person (airfare excluded) depending on provisions, ecursions, and boat. Catamaran fees are on the order of $1200 - $2000 pp double occupancy (single occupancy by arrangement). Additional fees will apply for provisioning (stocking the boat with drinks, food, snacks, dive tanks, etc) and will be split amongst the boat's passenger count accordingly. Deposits are $500 and non-refundable at the time of booking. Final payments are due 60-days prior to departure. Trip is cross-posted. Trip insurance is recommended.

Dive and Explore the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands


Come join us on the trip of a lifetime! And at an incredible price! The Galapagos Islands are truly breathtaking on so many levels, a truly unique place to visit and explore. Being as isolated as they are, much of the wildlife is unique to the islands themselves, impossible to see anywhere else. Still, much more of the wildlife are rare species that come to the Galapagos Islands seasonally for feeding, mating, or otherwise. This trip will be packed with opportunity to see some amazing creatures and explore some breathtaking geologic formations, both above and below the water. We'll fly into either Guayaquil or Quito a day or two before departure and explore the city and Ecuadorian culture. From there we'll catch a flight direct to the islands, pay our marine park fee, and be shuttled to our boat, The Galapagos Aggressor III, where we'll spend the next 7 nights aboard enjoying multiple dives a day and delicious food and entertain living aboard. Our charter includes some land activities as well in order to get the full experience of this diverse environment. The Galapagos Aggressor III is 100 feet long, built and powered for comfort, safety and stability. Comfortable accommodations include four deluxe staterooms which have two twin beds and three portholes and four master staterooms with a queen bed (which can be modified to 2 twin beds) and a large window. Each cabin has a private toilet, shower, hair dryer, TV/Blue Ray DVD, stereo CD player, temperature controls and safe storage box. The Galapagos Aggressor III sleeps 16 guests in privacy and comfort. She has a beautiful spacious salon, large sun deck with shading, chaise lounges and deck chairs, bar, grill, HOT TUB, and a complete photo/video center. There is a variety of nightly entertainment, including diving, fish identification presentations, movies, games and more. All meals, snacks and beverages are provided. The average water temperature is 60-75F during this time of year. That said, a 5-7 mm suit is recommended. Upon completion of the liveaboard portion of the trip, we'll fly back to the mainland and spend a couple of additional days exploring the Andes and culture a bit more. This is absolutely a trip of a lifetime. Costs for the liveaboard portion of trip are $6795 pp based on double occupancy regardless of suite. There will be an additional marine park fee of $100 pp and $20 pp Galapagos Visitors Visa paid directly upon arrival to the islands. Airfare is sold separately and should be booked from your local port. Land accommodations will be booked upon confirmation of the space on the boat as well. Guests are advised to budget approximately $8,500 pp in total costs for accommodations and travel expenses, adjusted for their own personal preferences of course. Deposits are $500 pp payable upon confirmation of your space. A trip payment schedule will also apply with additional collections at 10 months prior to departure, 7 months prior to departure, and final payment due 105 days prior to departure. Payments by credit card will include a 3.5% service fee. Trip insurance is recommended. Trip details are cross posted.

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