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This is a group for folks who are in love with winter snow and the transforming effect it has on all it touches. Join us if you feel that winter is in many ways the best season of the year. Through Nordic skiing (cross-country skiing) and snowshoeing, all the world, beginning with your own neighborhood, becomes a wonderland and something bright and new. Members of the PATC Ski Touring Section (http://www.patc.us/chapters/ski/) enjoy skiing and snowshoeing in the Mid-Atlantic states (esp. WV and PA) when the conditions permit. But STS ski trips are scheduled not only within the Mid-Atlantic but also further afield to New England, the Rockies, Canada, and Europe in search of the perfect snow and the most beautiful scenery. And the apres-ski socializing on these trips and sharing the day's exciting moments in the snow round out what this group has to offer!

The Ski Touring Section hosts a Ski Fair each fall. The coming winter's ski trip schedule is announced prior to the fair, and many STS members attend and sign up for the trips of their choice. Ski Fair is usually held the first weekend in November. At the end of the ski season, the STS hosts an apres-ski social event in conjunction with the Section's annual meeting.

Members of this Meetup group may propose to group members local ski trips when good snow arrives. However, neither the PATC nor the STS are legally responsible for or endorse these impromptu trips. Members should evaluate on their own whether a proposed impromptu trip is appropriate for them. The Ski Touring Section offers its own schedule of ski trips that are led by veteran skiers. Participants in any of these STS trips must be Section members or must pay a guest fee. Ski trips planned for points outside the Mid-Atlantic region are regulated as "excursion trips" by the PATC. PATC membership is mandatory for anyone participating in these excursion trips. See the STS web site for more information.

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Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in the White Mountains of NH

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Skiing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is a delight! The Ski Touring Section (STS) of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) has skied here every January for over a decade (except Jan. 2021).
This year's trip has been styled differently than in the past. Due to climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, we have moved to a more "flexible" format.

All participants must be members of the PATC and also belong to the STS. Participants will book their own rooms in a recommended motel in North Conway, NH. They will be responsible for arranging their own transportation up to and from the White Mountains. They can travel solo or with a friend or two, depending on their own comfort levels. Their eating arrangements are likewise their own to arrange. They can eat carryout in their rooms or dine out each evening at any of the many restaurants close by in this winter vacation land. Your choice.

In past years we have made this trip during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. Great skiing conditions have become more challenging each year due to climate change, so we must adapt accordingly. In addition, Americans are desperately seeking safe, outdoor activities to make up for their lost opportunities over the past two years. On weekends, and especially on holiday weekends, the crowds can be large and good lodging difficult to find. For many reasons skiing and snowshoeing during the week can be ideal.

This STS trip will take place between Jan. 7th and Jan. 27th, when the trip leadership determines that snow conditions appear favorable and the weather forecasts are good. Those prequalified to take part in this trip will then be immediately notified and provided the preferred motel to book their room in.

A. STS Trip application form
B. PATC STS Part II: Acknowledgement of Risks and Waiver of Liability form
C. PATC Excursion Liability Waiver and Participant Information Form
D. COVID-19 vaccination record
E. Confirmed PATC membership
A, B and C are available on the Ski Touring Section's website: https://patcskitouring.us/resources/ Complete, sign, and email these forms to the trip leader, Rob Swennes, at robertswennes [at] hotmail.com. Send a copy of your vaccination record to him as well. The PATC guidelines for this trip require that each participant be COVID vaccinated. To sign up or renew as a PATC member, go to https://www.patc.net/ and click on Become a member at the top of the homepage. To become part of the Ski Touring Section, go to https://patcskitouring.us/resources/ and fill out the Membership Form. Mail it to Doug Lesar along with your check. It takes approx. a week for a new PATC membership to be recorded in the club's membership database. That's why this paperwork needs to be submitted well in advance of the trip launch date.

The goal here is to enjoy some superior Nordic skiing. And the White Mountains have a lot to offer. There are several superb ski touring centers (STCs) close by within the White Mountains area that are a world apart from the mid-Atlantic region.
Jackson Ski Touring Center -- https://www.jacksonxc.org/
Bretton Woods Ski Touring Center -- https://www.brettonwoods.com/winter_sports/nordic/overview
Bear Notch Ski Touring Center -- https://www.bearnotchskitouring.com/
Great Glen Ski Touring Center -- https://greatglentrails.com/
and more: https://www.visit-newhampshire.com/whitemountains/cross-country-skiing-snowshoeing/winter-activities/
For skiers who prefer a mix of Alpine and Nordic skiing, the White Mountains have that to offer as well.

Our annual trip to the White Mountains traditionally includes 3.5 days of wintertime sports, so anticipate four days of lodging. Skiers can certainly extend their time in New Hampshire, but the formal trip ends after four days.

$400 - $450 This cost reflects mostly the lodging cost. Your total cost may be different based on your transportation plans and food purchases. The STCs offer a wide range of skiing equipment to purchase or rent if you do not have your own.

Contact the trip leader by email at robertswennes [at] hotmail.com

American Birkie 55k training (in DC)
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Hi, im training for the american birkie 55k that takes place end of February. I have another 3 friends that are also doing it. We are planning on skiing, swimming, running and roller-skiiing to train for it. Let me know if you wanna join. Lars

Intro to White Grass Ski Touring Section in Canaan Valley, WV

The White Grass STC is the premier XC ski center closest to the Washington metro area. Many have already skied there. For those who have not, there's a new article in West Virginia Living giving a comprehensive and spirited introduction to that center and its founder, Chip Chase. See http://www.wvliving.com/Winter-2016/Spreading-the-Nordic-Dream/?utm_source=Sneak+Peek+-+WV+Living+-+Winter+2016&utm_campaign=WV+Living+Sneak+Peek+-+Fall+2016&utm_medium=email. Visit the White Grass STC website at http://www.whitegrass.com/. Enjoy!

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