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Global Health care system (HCS) and of course HCS in Nordic countries is cautiously stepping into the process which already more or less dramatically changed the world as we know it.

In a way HCS, actually is “The last dinosaur” - this is for many reasons of which some are reasonable, and many not.

Nordic startup health (NSH) is meant to act as a unifying power for bold ideas and deep insights, partnerships, and collaboration to provoke innovations, and action that address quality and cost, productivity and intelligence within Nordic health care/wellness development and delivery.

We, founders of NHS, has vast personal experience in development of world class innovations in Health care, but have also met too many bored bureaucrats, malicious gatekeepers and incompetent decision makers.

Let us also mention that we met too few engaged patients, innovators, visioneers, bold policy makers – yeah – you get the point :)

This is why we start this work to build up Nordic Startup Health platform, hopefully much more inspiring, innovative and including than what is present now, and invites you into this creative/disruptive process.

Bring alone your passion, your talent, your expertise – we will get this Future Health Care for us all!

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