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Hike Norfolk : 11 February 2018 at 10:00 - 9 mile walk at Kirstead

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Meet at Brooke, park in lay-by on B1332 just before the village

Brooke · Brooke

How to find us

Meet at Brooke, park in lay-by on B1332 just before the village (the location on the map above is probably wrong, but it isn't loading so I can't see it).

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For those who want the quick info:

Meet at Brooke, park in lay-by on B1332 just before the village at 10 and don't be grumpy.

For those who want a few more details:

It's that special time of year again - a chaotic walk led by Julian. Recent Julian 'led' walks have involved clambering over muddy rivers, battling through hedges and wandering off course to see interesting historic features in the countryside.

So, firstly, if you like perfection, then this isn't an ideal walk. If you like professionalism and excellent walk management, then another leader will no doubt provide this. If you like a walk that hasn't been entirely reccied then this is ideal! Although, I have walked this two years ago, so very little can go wrong......

On this walk we shall see fields, churches and maybe some local wildlife. They're givens, but you will also get a free Ramblers badge and lots of gossip (I'd add that this is positive gossip, not negative gossip) and there will be a big Andrew update of what he has been getting up to in Australia. Not the glorified trip that he's been promoting, but the behind the scenes news of what really happened. If you don't know Andrew, you will by the end of the walk.

Right, in terms of people who have been on my walks before, I think it's now fairly clear what you can expect. So expect that again.

For those new to Hike Norfolk, we do try to make everyone feel genuinely welcome, so don't be concerned about joining us for the first time. If you need extra help in being welcomed, maybe us meeting you at your car (in a nice way by one friendly person, we won't all crowd round and shout "new person") or anything that we can do to help, then please just post here or message me. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

This isn't a long walk, so the pace won't be too fast. We have a number of walk speeds on our walks which are 1 - fast paced (or brisk), 2 - moderate, 3 - leisurely, 4 - Richard. This is a leisurely walk, so don't worry about the walk pace unless you're dreadful at walking. But even then don't despair, we have shorter and slower walks on the first Sunday of every month to get you into it.

What do you need to bring? Well, food and drink. Make sure you have water, as we might get lost and Poringland doesn't have a Greggs. And bring food and make sure it's food you like. If you like eating fruit and nuts, then bring that. If you don't like eating fruit and nuts but think you should to make you look healthy, then don't, just bring the crisps and chocolate that you secretly want to bring. I won't judge you.

Don't bring a grumpy attitude, it causes me issues. I'm not very tolerant of dissent either, so if you're a natural born leader who thinks you'd be a better walk leader, then don't come and mention that. To be fair, you almost certainly would be a better walk leader, but I don't need reminding of that.

Also, bring suitable clothes and shoes. You don't need to be like Clive and spent £6,000 on Rab goods from Go Outdoors, but bring something which doesn't have too many holes in (where holes shouldn't be). Bring shoes that are comfortable, that'll do, they don't need to be expensive. Unless you're rich, then you can buy expensive stuff. Although if you're rich, bring me Kit Kats as well.

Tipping is always discussed on my walks because people are so relieved to get back to the start. Unfortunately I can't accept tips, because I do this walk leading out of the goodness of my own heart. However, if you were planning to tip me a bank note (of the UK kind) then I'd be prepared to make an exception.

If you're new, you can walk with us three times before joining us as a member. To do that you join the national Ramblers organisation. Feel free to ask anyone (well, anyone that looks competent) about that.

I've finished now (I've actually hit the Meetup character limit), so I've had to cut the text to the bare minimum. If you have any sensible questions, then ask away.