Legstretchers : Saturday 6 July 2019

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· Sheringham

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Park on the Esplanade.

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It's that time again, it's a Legstretchers walk! To quickly explain, Legstretchers is the long distance walking group of Norfolk Ramblers and is for those walkers who prefer more of a challenge.

The leader for the July walk is Cas, one of my very favourite walk leaders. She is elegant, suave, measured, controlled, caring and flexible. She is the ying to Dave the Rave's yang. Professional, welcoming and confident, you'll be guaranteed a quality experience. And as a plus I (Julian) will be there to talk about chicken bakes or some other rubbish. BTW, I don't mean chicken bakes are rubbish, just that my other topics will be. Anyway, I digress, so let's get back to the walk.

Firstly, this walk is running on a Saturday, which is because of an LDWA challenge event on the Sunday which might impact on the numbers. And also because it's summer, so let's live a little and walk on a Saturday. And to make things more exciting, it's at 09:00 and not at any other later time. So get there early and be ready for an exciting day of walking. On which point, please be confident that you're able to walk 18 miles before starting off on this expedition. If you're not able to keep up then the leader can recommend that you end the walk early. But, we're also welcoming and helpful, so do message if you're unsure.

Please make sure that you bring lots of water, it might be a hot day and we don't want any dehydrated walkers along the walk. If it is a hot day then the walk leader's duty of care may mean we have to find a shop selling ice creams. Please also bring food for lunch and snacks for the day. This month's recommendations are Twirl chocolate bars and Roast Beef Monster Munch, but you must decide what works for you. If you want to bring an alcoholic drink, then bring a lovely dark beer, since a week on the Isle of Wight and not being able to find them has made me crave them even more. By "bring a dark beer", I more mean for me than anything else.

Parking is in the car park area along the front at the Esplanade, near to the public toilets. The end time of the walk, which Meetup requires, is approximate only.

Cas is one of those walk leaders who doesn't want a round of applause at the end of the walk, so please don't applaud her. If Dave the Rave is there, he wouldn't mind a little bit of applause though.

If you have any questions, then please message away. There is a WhatsApp group for Legstretchers which discusses issues such as lifts, what flavour crisps are best and so on, please message me if you want to join it.