Legstretchers : Night Hike in Dunwich on 28 September 2019 (20 miles)

Norfolk Area Ramblers
Norfolk Area Ramblers
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Dunwich Beach Car Park

· Saxmundham

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Look for little Liam. He'll have a backpack.

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There isn't a Legstretchers walk in October due to a date clash with another event. But, do not panic, as there is an extra walk for the Legstretchers which is being led by Liam. It's this, the annual night hike and is a joint walk with Norfolk and Suffolk LDWA.

It starts at Dunwich car park at 21:00 and the walk is 20 miles around the coastal and inland areas near to Sizewell and Dunwich. Walking at night is very exciting, as although there are no Greggs open, it's a different experience so be prepared to be scared by the local wildlife (mainly pheasants and owls) flapping about the place randomly. And there is the excitement of seeing dawn break over the Suffolk coast, so be prepared to connect with nature and all that sort of stuff.

If you're tempted by this excitement, please do come along, as we want to get enough people to justify running this type of event in the future. Any questions or car share, then please do ask away. Liam is bringing some exciting edible treats to try and encourage walkers along, so you won't go entirely hungry. But bring snacks and drink, and also bring a head-torch. If you don't have one then you might struggle to see. This isn't ideal at night.

This is also a perfect walk for those wanting to take part in LDWA challenges which take place at night, so you can get used to some night time walking. Liam, who is arguably one of the best walk leaders in the group, will walk at a reasonable pace as it's hard to be too brisk in case walkers go flying over a tree stump that they didn't see. Also, Liam has promised that the walk doesn't go through any dogging areas, so there's no need to fear any little issues there.

Everyone is welcome, but please be aware of the walk length. If you're not used to walking long distances, this isn't a very good walk to start with. If you like a challenge, then it's a brilliant walk and one you'll likely talk about for years. Well, if not years, then months. Also, no grumpy people please, as they cause stress to the walk leader. If you are naturally grumpy, please pretend not to be for the evening. If you're shy, nervous or worried about meeting people, then that's normal, message Liam privately and he'll help if he can, maybe meeting you at the car.

There's an optional pub visit at 20:00 before the event, more details will be added to this page nearer to the event about this. Liam also likes to sing the Sound of Music throughout the night, anyone can join in if they want.

That's it, so hit that like button and subscribe. Actually, that's Youtube, I've been watching too many Youtube videos. Just RSVP if you can make it, and feel free to bring friends, family and anyone you like (or don't like) to help support Liam. Make sure that they're fit enough though (see above about the walk distance).