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SOLD OUT - Half Day Guerilla Usability Testing Workshop with Lily Dart


Prerequisites: A laptop

Quick Start Guide to Guerrilla Usability Testing

Are you frustrated with vague feedback from clients, mostly informed by their own personal tastes? Do you yearn for feedback from real users, but lack the budget to pay for full-on usability testing?

Guerrilla usability testing is an inexpensive and speedy way to put users at the centre of your design process. It can help to keep clients focused on strategic goals, over personal their colour preferences.

During this workshop Lily will walk you through designing and delivering your very first guerrilla testing session. We'll be testing real digital services on whatever is available; phones, tablets and laptops.

We'll cover:

• When to use guerrilla testing

• Where to use guerrilla testing

• How to approach potential participants

• How to get the best results out of participants

• How to record and analyse your results

Lily Dart
@lily_dart (

Lily is a freelance user experience designer and user researcher, with a focus on helping clients and delivery teams to build better products by learning about their users. She combines business experience with technical knowledge and design expertise to help people to solve difficult problems.

Lily will also be speaker at SyncDeveloperHER, also at the Kings Centre in the evening of the same day. You can RSVP here (

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