NorDevCon Pre-conference Special with Ashwini Laxminarayana & Letitia Fearon

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60 people went

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5.30pm - Arrive
6.00pm - Introduction
6.10pm - Fun & Games with Git & Jenkins - Ashwini
6.40pm - Break
6.45pm - Observe, assume and experiment - Letitia
7.15pm - Finish

Observe, assume and experiment
Letitia Fearon (@Letitia_Fearon (

There are some impressive expensive project and product failures still going on. This talk will look at some of these failures and then see how you can try and avoid these common traps. What if you had a smaller budget and team, what things can you do to ensure that you are moving in the right direction? What can you do to make sure that what you are working on is correct, that it will make your users lives easier or better.

This talk will highlight ways to capture and test assumptions. We will look at experiments and how to use this data generated to prevent costly mistakes. Metrics don't lie and should be utilised to help explain the options available and direct the next choice.

Fun & Games with Git & Jenkins
Ashwini Laxminarayana

In this talk I look at some of our commonly used software tools and find other uses for them. Hack your tools! Git need not be used only as a version control system and Jenkins as a CI server.