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React Starter Kit - Full Day Workshop

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Price: £75.00 /per person
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In this one-day workshop you'll learn the basics of developing web apps with *React*.

• We'll gain an overview of what *React* does, and what problems it tries to solve.

• We'll learn how to use *create-react-app* to dodge the complex configuration issues which can stop folk in their tracks when getting started.

• We'll work through the construction of a simple application, including some tests and a live deployment.

• We'll discover some of the libraries and techniques used in larger *react* applications, and explain why you probably don't need them... yet...

If you've met Rupert before it probably won't surprise you to know that we'll be building an app to help people find their nearest public loo.


- You'll need a some experience with HTML and Javascript as well as a reasonable grasp of programming basics, though it shouldn't matter too much which language you're most comfortable in.

- You'll need a laptop you're comfortable using, and you'll need the following software installed:

• A recent version of node.js

• A programmer's text editorGit

• A working command terminal

- You'll need a github account