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Greetings! My name is MacLean Shakshober. I have an M.A. in Clinical Holistic Education from J.F. Kennedy University In Concord, CA and I also have had extensive training in Nutrition, herbology, and food supplementation. The training I had was a combination of several things: Mastering the paradigm (belief system toward life) "Holistic Health" which I learned is the idea that all of life's experiences,, from diet, attitudes toward self and others, food exercise, everything, all of one's personal experiences shape who we are health-wise. For instance, take the adage "positive thinking". That idea has been tied to psychoneuroimmunology. In the meetup group we will expand on the holistic health model concepts and scientific evidence to support this model, and all some of personal observations since graduating in 1990 which has so aided me in my own life and health challenges.
This week, introduction to Holistic health and applied kinesiology, muscle testing your body’s needs.

Please note: I am moving Converstations on Living a Holstically Healthy Lifestyle meetup to the Pretlow Library on Ocean View Ave. beginning on the 26 of this month.

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