• UXPA Happy Hour: Podcast Discussion

    Online event

    Join the UXPA Norfolk Happy Hour where we will discuss Episode 4 of the podcast "What Is Wrong with UX - The Five Things UX Designers Must Never Say".

    In the episode, Kate Rutter and Laura Klein bitch about the stupid things people say during the design and research process and the terrible questions people ask their customers.

    Listen to the episode by clicking the link below, or search "What Is Wrong with UX" in the podcast app of your choice.


  • Know Your Mobile: iOS & Android

    Online event

    Join UXPA Norfolk for Know Your Mobile: iOS & Android. For this remote event, we'll be exploring the nuances and commonalities of the world's most popular mobile OS's. Leading the interactive discussion will be our 2021 chapter leader and Homes.com's UX Product Director, Chris Horton.

    Topics of discussion include:

    - Mobile market trends
    - App UX trends
    - Expectations of iOS and Android users
    - Evolving ecosystems beyond mobile

  • Writing Content for UX (Updated Info!)

    Online event

    UPDATE (4/9/20): Due to the ongoing presence of COVID-19, we have decided to transition this event into an online-only presentation and Q&A. Because of this, we are making a few changes to the format and adjusting the start time to 6pm.

    **We will be utilizing Zoom online video conferencing and the link to access the live presentation will be available only to those that RSVP via Meetup.**

    We thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment below! We hope to see you all in person very soon.


    Don't miss out on the last UXPA event of the season!

    You probably haven’t heard of microcopy, but chances are you interact with it every day! It’s the text supporting the user experience, like buttons, 404 messages, meta data, etc. These micro interaction points on a site are just a piece of what UX Writers specialize in creating — for websites, apps, games, and beyond.

    Because UX Writing is a relatively new discipline within user experience circles, it’s often an underutilized specialty. In this workshop, you’ll get a thorough introduction to UX writing, what it entails, and why it matters for your project.

    We’ll cover the basics of establishing an inspiring content strategy that informs information architecture. Then we’ll see how the simple addition of copy can turn your wireframes into more compelling prototypes. You’ll also learn how copy interacts with design to create seamless visual communication that encourages, supports, and delights users.
    You’ll leave with actionable tips and tricks you can immediately start implementing into your projects. Whether you’re a writer or not!


    **Must be UXPA Norfolk member to attend.
    Sign up for membership here (free): http://bit.ly/UXPANFK

    --Speaker Bio--

    Meg Linen

    Meg Linen is a senior copywriter with a love for all things UX. When she's not type type typing away for clients like Adidas, Google, or Spotify, you can find her playing with plants or spoiling her dog. Get to know her professional side at fresh-linen.com, or see how she spends her free time @megsheets on social.

  • Design of Complex Systems


    Join us for the first UXPA event of 2020!

    Many design frameworks and principles tend to focus on anticipated and common events. In addition to common events, operators and users of complex systems are also confronted with unanticipated events that are often precursors to major accidents.

    Ecological interface design (EID) is a theoretical framework developed for designing user interfaces to support operators in problem solving during unanticipated events. EID has been accruing substantial design and empirical research evidence to support its effectiveness in support operators during unanticipated events.

    This workshop begins with an overview of EID and a review of several ecological interfaces as case studies. The workshop continues with outlining the process of carry out analysis and design prescribed by the framework, and working through a few examples as a group. The workshop concludes with open discussion about the EID and other design methods.

    Thanks to our sponsor Grow, this event is free!!!

    *Registration is required to attend the workshop
    **Must be UXPA Norfolk member to attend.
    Sign up for membership here (free): http://bit.ly/UXPANFK

    Our sponsor for this event:

    Grow: https://thisisgrow.com/

    --Speaker Bio--

    Dr. Nathan Lau

    Dr. Lau's ongoing research projects include: (i) concept of operations and display design research in cyber-security for remotely piloted aircrafts operations center, (ii) hardware-and-human-in-the-loop research program for nuclear process control, (iii) efficiency investigation of the manufacturing and repairing processes of jet engine turbines, (iv) development of a driver distraction alert system using motion capture and sonification technology, and (v) usability and evaluation study for an artificial pancreas.

  • Agile + UX

    Ferguson Enterprises, Inc

    Join us for our December UXPA Event! We'll be discussing Agile methodology and how User Experience makes an impact within your development cycle.

    Agile was born in the late 90's to allow developers to better manage software development. User Experience (UX) originated during WWII to improve user interfaces of fighter bombers to prevent human errors (back then it was called "Human Engineering"). Since then, UX principles spread across every industry, including software development.

    In today's fast pace web app deployment cycles, the integration of agile project management and UX is critical for a successful product release.

    This event will introduce you to Story Mapping, a workshop administered by IBM's Agile Coach Eduardo (Xavier) Segovia. Xavier will teach you ways in which your development teams can better focus on customer needs and backlog story generation for the successful deployment of a Minimal Valuable Product. In addition, we will have a special remote talk by Jeff Gothelf who will discuss ways your team can better align with your customer base in a fast paced environment.

    Thanks to our host and sponsor Ferguson, this event is free!!!

    *Registration is required to attend the workshop
    **Must be UXPA Norfolk member to attend.
    Sign up for membership here (free): http://bit.ly/UXPANFK

    What will you learn:
    o Basic principles of agile methodology
    o Best practices of User Experience for a product development cycle
    o How to conduct a user journey
    o How to apply a user journey to generate a backlog for your MVP

    Our sponsor for this event:

    Ferguson: www.ferguson.com

    --Speaker Bio--

    Jeff Gothelf

    I believe too much time and money is wasted on ideas that don’t work. The world, driven by technology, is changing too fast for us to reliably predict what will work. Today’s leaders must inspire and collaborate, not micromanage, to drive agility and innovation in their orgs.

    I believe humility and learning are in short supply. To improve that, I teach executives and teams — through remote advising & coaching, workshops, keynotes, & books — to focus on their customers, learn from mistakes and create an agile culture that continuously improves their products and services and the way they work.

    I am the co-author of Sense and Respond, Lean UX and Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking. Recently, I co-founded Sense & Respond Press, a publishing house for modern, transformational business books.

    Eduardo (Xavier) Segovia

    Xavier is an Enterprise Agile Coach with over 20 years of experience in IT transformation, leadership, project management, mentoring and coaching. Over the past 6 years, he has been leading a critical part of the transformation to agile in the CIO’s Office of IBM, developing strategy, executing it and enabling executives, managers, organizations and teams to adopt business agility and resiliency for a 11,000+ person organization.

  • Mobile Prototyping Workshop


    Join us for our kickoff event of 2019 - 2020! True to Mobile First movement, our first event of the season will be dedicated to the UX and design of mobile interfaces.

    Our very own Noel Miciano will teach us how to conduct low fidelity paper prototype and then our guest speaker, Soo Yun Kim, will walk us through the digital transformation of our paper prototype to a full blown interactive digital mockup using Adobe XD.

    Thanks to our host and sponsor Issuetrak, this event is free!!!

    *Registration is required to attend the workshop
    **Must be UXPA Norfolk member to attend.
    Sign up for membership here (free): http://bit.ly/UXPANFK

    What will you learn:
    o Design principles of user experience for mobile applications
    o How to create paper prototyping
    o Learn how to use Adobe XD to create mid-high fidelity mockups

    All participants will receive a digital certificate of completion to share with their employers for evidence of attendance. Please note: This is a not an officially accredited continuing education training program.

    Our sponsor for this event:

    Issuetrak: www.issuetrak.com

    --Speaker Bio--

    Soo Yun Kim

    Soo Yun Kim is an Emmy Award-Winning designer in Mobile Product, Interaction and UI/UX Design based in New York.

    Working at IBM as Mobile Visual UX designer, she engages in the development of natural user interface technologies in IBM’s native mobile applications across multiple products and platforms.

    As a lead designer, she launched Triller, a music video making app which has 3 million music video creators and ranked hit #2 in Entertainment on App Store.

    She has worked a diverse range of companies and clients including Nickelodeon, MTV Networks, USA Today, Chanel, The Weather Channel, Michael Kors, Godiva, Cortefiel, Destination Maternity, J.Crew, Juicy Couture, and more.

    Noel Miciano

    Hello! I’m Noel Miciano, a freelance designer in Norfolk, VA and I support the visions of innovative startups and established companies through creative digital products. I enjoy making small dents in the universe by using my talents to give back to the community whenever I could and if you’re a company with these ideals, I’d love to collaborate with you!
    Behance: https://www.behance.net/noelmiciano1

  • Design & Publish Live Progressive Web Apps Without Coding

    Join us when UXPA Norfolk hosts Steve Newcomb, CEO of Famous, as he will be demonstrating an early look at a new design tool called Famous, which is in a Free Public Beta Now.

    Famous is a new designer tool that enables designers to design a progressive web experience from beginning to end all within one tool and without requiring any coding. In Famous, designers can import their artboards, add animations and interactions, view their designs live while creating them on any device, publish to the web, and see live analytics immediately.

    Please meet us at IssueTrak for this event, as we'll have Pizza and Drinks available courtesy of the Famous crew!!

    However, if you are not able to make it in person you can join us online via Zoom (see details below).

    Join Zoom Meeting

    One tap mobile
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    [masked],,[masked]# US (New York)

    Dial by your location
    [masked] US (San Jose)
    [masked] US (New York)
    Meeting ID:[masked]
    Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/acYUMQwlN

  • UXPA Happy Hour Hangout!

    273 Granby St

    Join fellow UXPA-ers for a happy hour hangout at Bon Chon! No need to bring anything except your love of all things UX/UI, conversation, and delicious food & drink! We'll be meeting in the upstairs room at Granby Street Bon Chon (273 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510) from 6 - 8 p.m.. If you can't hang out the whole time, feel free to stop by when you can!

  • Round Table Discussion: What makes a great (or not so great) UI?

    Bring your questions and your UX curiosity. UXPA Norfolk will be hosting and facilitating a round table discussion on various UX topics. The discussions will be free flowing, but moderated to keep us on track.

    This month, we'll discuss and dissect popular product UIs to determine if their design elements are genuinely intuitive or utterly frustrating. From Netflix to Facebook, we want to hear your thoughts on what makes a UI great (or terrible). If there's a product you'd like to discuss, please leave a comment below and we can add it to the slide deck!

    Thank you Issuetrak for hosting us! We hope you will join us for this excellent event at an excellent space.

  • Using Atomic Design as a New Design Approach for an Old Company

    Our new UXPA Norfolk President (Andrew Geraci) will be speaking about how he's approached being the new designer at an old company, how everyone should read Brad Frost's "Atomic Design" immediately, and the chapter's goals for 2019. It will be held at our long standing event location of Issuetrak.