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Are you filled with wanderlust? Have a bucket list of "must-see" places as long as your arm? Are your phone and computer packed with photos of your latest adventures but you're already busy planning your next getaway? If you are bitten by the travel bug, this is the place for you! Whether you are a seasoned world traveler, keep your journeys closer to home, or are just beginning to feel the call of parts unknown, come join the group.

What's the group about? People with an interest in travel who want to meet others who share that interest. We want to meet and greet, make friends, reminisce about the places we've been, and dream about the places we long to go. We'll chat about travel hacks, share if we hear about a bargain. We might even be the people that whip out the slide shows of our latest journey! Cruises, road trips, weekend escapes--we want to hear about it all.

We'll bring people together who share a passion for travel, and, if we're very lucky, we'll build friendships that will make us want to travel together, whether on our own on a small group getaway, or even on a larger organized trip. We'll make plans, and see some of the world together. But, at the core, we'll meet new friends who understand and share our love of travel.

A couple of housekeeping notes:

1. This is the kind of group that will definitely be better with active participation and discussion. If you've got ideas for a local meetup or a travel opportunity, please share them with the organizer so we can give our members lots of options.

2. Though we all love to travel, we might not all enjoy the same kind of travel. There may be travel opportunities posted here that do not appeal to you, or that you are unable to attend. That's okay. We'll still have periodic local meetups so we can continue to build our friendships.

3. If you are a travel agent or otherwise involved in the travel industry, please understand that this Meetup group is not intended as a solicitation tool. We will put a pinned post in the message boards where travel professionals may list their contact information in the event members wish to seek their professional services, and, from time to time, we may offer the opportunity for you to provide specific information regarding available specials or something similar, but there is to be no direct solicitation of members for any products, services, or other opportunities. I would ask that all members report any violations of this policy to the organizer.

4. To make it easier for the members to recognize each other as we begin meeting and eventually traveling together, we will require you to have a personal profile photo. (Actually you, not your kids, pets, or favorite sunset.) These pictures really do help once we begin our events, so please make sure you are using a relatively current photo.

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NOTICE: This isn't an actual event!

I thought it would be nice if we had someplace we could share some of our memories from past travels. (And the message boards are too much trouble to get to to make them very useful.) Just share a few pictures and maybe give others an idea of someplace they might like to visit in the future.

Great photos, snapshots from your phone, the other side of the world, or across town, any and all are welcome. So, if you've got some memories you'd like to share, add them here and tell us a bit about it.

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