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Hello! This meetup is for anyone interested in joining/creating some Table Top RPG games. Regardless of experience! Rules will be at the end of this description; please make sure to read them!
Any Table Top RPG is good to run, though you will mostly see D&D and Call of Cthulhu.
The games will either be hosted at someone's house, Wizards Asylum, or Loot n XP. We will discuss this as a group if we get enough people for a game.
For now joining a game is free, maybe bring some snacks if your cool ;)

Rules or things to note/
- These games are to be chill and we expect you to act like adults; so political discussion (especially DURING gameplay) is not advised. However we also don't want to create an environment where everyone is walking on eggshells trying not to offend people. Make whatever jokes you like, if we have a problem with what you say, we'll talk to you privately. If you have a problem with what someone else says, come talk to us privately.
- These games will be neither "Hardcore" or "Casual". We won't expect everyone to have fully fleshed out characters or to use a special voice. But we do have rules to maintain a level of immersion, and a level of role-play is required. If you are new to TTRPG's we will guide you through how to RP. None of these rules are particularly hard to follow (outside of meta gaming) and once you get into the groove of RP you won't worry about them.

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