What we're about

The aim of this group is to gather people interested in Software Development in all shapes and forms.

The hope is to meet up, share, learn, and mostly have fun together about coding and related stuff.

People from all walks of life are super welcome at all the events! There is no need to have any coding experience. The only exception is for the monsters that use tabs instead of spaces (Obviously, just kidding on that last one).

Upcoming events (2)

How to Build: GUI interfaces - Fyne


This time we will have our own Jacob Alzén, talking about an awesome open-source project to build graphic user interfaces.

Looking forward to folks coming together to hang out and share best practices. It will be a great setting to chat and learn from each other while having some fun with code.

Advent Of Code Norrkoping Kickoff


The best (in my opinion) coding challenge of the year is coming up.


Let's do a proper kickoff, where we will try to solve the day1 challenge.

All folks are welcome. We can talk about solutions and maybe pair code or code on screen so that even folks without coding knowledge can participate and get expose to the advent magic of code:)

We will also set up an online channel to get help with and brag about your solution to AoC puzzles that are released each day during the advent time of December.

Past events (5)

Hacktoberfest: AirNumby Vol - 2


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