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We meet on the first and third Monday evening each month for low-key discussions of fantasy and science fiction books. For now, meetings are still online, via Zoom.

Format: Each person takes turn speaking as long as s&/-he wishes about the book. Once everyone has had a turn, we have a general discussion in response to each other's comments. If there is time, we move on to discussion of other books and topics of interest. Books are selected every six months with a list of recommendations made and then voted upon by members. Book recommendations are split into "contemporary" and "classical" categories for the vote.

This reading group began in 1994. Many members of the group are also organizers of ArmadilloCon ( http://armadillocon.org/ ) and members of the Fandom Association of Central Texas.

The reading group's website is http://www.fact.org/reading/ . Future books for discussion are listed on the website as are comments from discussions of past books.

Please note: Meetup's RSVP list for this group does not reflect actual membership or attendance, which encompasses a wider SFF fan community in Austin ( http://www.fact.org/reading/ ).

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Discussion of: Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia McKillip

Please join us for a discussion of Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia McKillip (192 pages)

Patricia McKillip is an accomplished, award winning author of fantasy novels. She plays with fairytales and myths but builds worlds all her own. See a review of Alphabet of Thorn here: http://www.fantasyliterature.com/reviews/alphabet-of-thorn/

We will be meeting online via Zoom. Please message the hosts if the link does not appear before the meeting.

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Discussion of: Exo by Steven Gould

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