Mountain Play - Grease

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Grahame and I will be seeing the Mountain Play, so please feel free to buy a ticket and join us. We plan on driving to the Air Force Parking Lot (where there is a shuttle service to the entrance), but there is also a shuttle service from Tam High School. We'll leave Peet's in front of the library by 10:30 a.m. to arrive by 11:00 a.m. at the front entrance. I've already bought a parking ticket for the Air Force Parking Lot near the theater for $19 and there are other options listed on the website.

You can buy food and drink there or take a picnic, which I'm planning to do, and be aware that space is limited on the shuttle buses and at the theater. You can also buy food and drinks at the venue and don't forget a hat, sunscreen, layers and something soft to sit on!

Here is a link to the website:

Tickets are $45 + a handling fee.

Let me know if you're going and we'll make arrangements to meet up.